beautiful blouse designs

Planing a wedding and making it the perfect day for yourself needs a lot of meticulous planning on every detail. When picking out the outfit for your wedding every little thing matters, the saree, the sandals, the jewellery to go with it and the magnificence of the blouse. To get the best from a bunch of beautiful blouse designs, one needs to look for the right fit, the colour, the amount of work they want, everything matters.

Beautiful Blouse Designs Tailor Made For South Indian Brides

Here are some beautiful blouse designs to help you make your choice.

Coral and Gold :

Made in a combination of a matte red and a burnt orange this beautiful blouse design stands out due to the colours itself. It is made in a princess style cut keeping the front plain and the having the hooks at the back. The body of the blouse is made in matte red while the burnt orange colour makes the sleeves of the blouse. While the body of the blouse is kept plain, the sleeves are embroidered in the same burnt orange colour to give it some depth. There are intricate designs around the neck and on the top of the sleeves where they are joined to the base. The designs are made in gold embroidery and emerald green beads. The embroidery near the neck is made thick enough to look like a necklace.

beautiful blouse designs

Gold in Pink:

Pink and gold is a bright combination and looks brightens up any atmosphere. Keeping it simple at the base and sophisticatedly decorated on the sleeves, this is more for the minimalist bride. The embroidery on the sleeve is made in three parts – the end of the sleeve has a flower in the middle with two tiny branch designs coming out from the two sides. The middle is a jagged pyramid-shaped embroidery and the top is a heavier design. It is structured around a centrepiece with linear designs on both sides.

beautiful blouse designs

Chunky Embroidery:

This beautiful blouse design is for the ones who fancy the tradition and the gold. A completely emerald green blouse which looks really pretty when paired with a burnt orange saree. The blouse has minimal designs on the body and heavy designs on the sleeves. The work on the sleeves is designed to look like three necklaces with a crescent-shaped pendant in the middle, hanging parallel to each other. The rest of the blouse is covered with smaller golden embroidery like a starry night sky.

beautiful blouse designs

The modern look:

For the brides who prefer a more modern cut, they can opt for a sleeveless deep sweetheart neckline blouse. It is made in maroon, with a dull gold as a broad border which enhances the bust. The dull maroon is used for the base of the blouse, folded into thin parallel layers to give a crushed cloth look. A tassel at the back completes the simple and modern look while also adding depth to the blouse.

beautiful blouse designs

Orange and gold:

A beautiful blouse design made completely in orange with golden embroidery to be paired with the combination saree or to be worn with a contrasting saree. It has a broad v neck and quarter sleeves. The golden embroidery is made in floral patterns all over the blouse giving it the perfect look for a bridal blouse.

beautiful blouse designs

Heavy tassels:

A heavy and beautiful tassel on a simple blouse keep blouse designs less heavy and also in trend with tassels being the trend of the time.  A simple emerald green blouse with a broad two-layer golden embroidery at the bottom of the blouse stitched around the circumference in a floral pattern. The patter is replicated on a smaller scale around the end of the sleeves and the neckline is bordered with golden embroidery in the shape of leaves. The tassel Is heavy and multicoloured to give it an extra edge.

beautiful blouse designs


Different shades of the same colour can be quite a pretty and gorgeous piece of art especially when it is a beautiful blouse design for the bride and the shades are in the colour of gold. A dull plain golden blouse with a high colour and closing in the front. The cloth has traditional designs on it which is kept subtle with a shade of gold that is close to the base colour. A brighter and more shiny thread is used to make the design on the back and on the sleeves.

beautiful blouse designs

Classy pink:

Keep it simple, modern and yet traditional. A gorgeous pink blouse which is kept mostly plain makes for a beautiful blouse design. It closes at the back and the joint is highlighted with a column of golden soft cloth beads. The rest of the back has three to four big golden daffodil shaped embroidery. This keep the gold and the pink balanced. The only other work of embroidery is on the sleeves, where one big centre design is chosen to attract the attention.

beautiful blouse designs

Simple whites:

Georgette has an unmatched magnanimity of its own and when it is white paired with just the right colours to decorate the edges it can look even better. A designed georgette material is place in top of a off-white cloth to give it a rough and pastel effect. The back is cut into a deep U which is then covered with a single layer of white georgette. The joining of the georgette to the base of the blouse is covered with floral embroidery in orange, red and gold, and a centre piece design on the georgette makes the back even more gorgeous. The sleeves of the blouse are also made with the same georgette material.

beautiful blouse designs

Jewelled back:

Everyone wears jewellery on the front, but outing jewellery on your back can be stunning too. Choose a blouse material and colour to suit your saree and have it embroidered in a shade of colour that is close to that of the blouse itself. The back should be cut in a deep and U so a simple ornament can be attached to the seams. This makes for a beautiful blouse design.

beautiful blouse designs

Deciding before-hand want one want for their special day is a difficult decision. All the advices and catalogues may even confuse a person more than help them. It is always best to believe in your style and know your skin tone and body to make decisions like these.



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Style is important. It is the first thing that we notice. I for one am a lover of simple style. It suits my personality as a I do not like being too extravagant, not even in my words. Ornamental language is good to hear but their is something about simplicity that attracts the senses.