Floral-hairstyles has more meaning here in India. The flowers symbolizes good luck, happiness, prosperity and, most importantly, love. It is a belief that a woman who wears flowers in her hair will bring joy and happiness to her household.

If you’re getting married soon, here are 10 Floral-hairstyles ideas you must totally check out. And you definitely going to fall in love with them!

Floral-hairstyles for all the Brides-to-be:

1. Poola-Jada-Braid:

No South Indian bridal outfit is complete without a traditional poola jada. This is a two-piece floral accessory that goes like a crown covering the base of the braid and all along the length of the braid. Once decorated with this style, the bride looks nothing less than a queen.


2. Floral Curly Fishtail Braid:


Let out your inner flower child on your wedding day with this spectacular hairstyle that’s one for the ages. Accessorize your bumped up fishtail with some gorgeous flowers and stems of Baby’s breath to achieve this magical look!



3. The bun with a floral seal (Floral-hairstyles):


This best part about this hairstyle is that it is so easy to do and looks so grand and fabulous! All you have to do is make a top knot and secure it with a hair tie and a couple of bobby pins. You can either tack the flowers together or pin them in a web fashion using bobby pins. Both ways work perfectly!

4. The traditional South-bride:


Doesn’t this floral gajra look amazing? If you’re a bride who hails from the south of India, you should totally consider this hairstyle. Be reassured that it will flatter your outfit and personality at the same time. You may also add hair accessories in the form of dainty stone pins and a delicate maangtika to complete your look.

5. A Bouquet for the Bun:


While some brides opt for the traditional-gajra look as their Floral-hairstyles, but it seems as roses can become an amazing bouquet for your bun too! So get ready on your D-day smelling like roses with this amazing floral-hairstyle.

6. French Twist Bun:


Go the super soft and romantic way on your wedding day with this cute bun hairstyle. This curly French twisted bun looks oh-so-sweet and adorable, thanks to the delicate flowers lining it at the top.

7. Curls with a Floral -Centerpiece:


Thus, in upcoming wedding-seasons, get your hairs curled and tuck some beautiful white-flowers, maybe some lilly or mogras, at the centre of your head and let rest of the curls flow! This floral-hairstyle is best suitable for your mehendi ceremony!

8. Traditional Jasmine Bun: 


Gajra (jasmine hair garland) is an intrinsic part of all Indian weddings. Nobody’s outfit at a wedding is complete without a string of jasmine adorning the hair. This bouquet bun is a modern take on the traditional gajra and uses the flowers in the form of a small bouquet to accessorize the simple low bun.

9. Criss-crossing it in style!



Let your hairstyle do the talking. This gajra hairstyle will do a brilliant job of highlighting your features and gives you a natural look. Tons of compliments will be coming your way, if you choose this hairstyle!

10. Colour me royal:


If looks could kill, this royal-looking, floral headpiece would be the perfect example. Look how different the design and colour is and this is why it’s loved the most. If you’re going to tie the knot soon, we request you to give this gorgeous hairstyle a chance.

Hence, all these majestic bridal hairstyle screams perfection from every angle. The top knot is secured beautifully with jasmine flowers or mogras and the traditional low plait has leaf inspired hair accessories pinned to it. With patience and love, you too can nail all these traditional-cum-modern Floral-Hairstyles!