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10 Beautiful Mehendi Designs to Adorn the Back of Your Hand

A bride’s wedding plan is not complete without picking out a beautiful mehendi design for her hands and legs. Mehendi elevates the beauty of the bride, and is, in a way, a kind of an ornament to carry out with elegance during the time of her wedding.

Pick One From These 10 Beautiful Mehendi Designs

There are lots of styles and designs of mehendi and only certain mehendi designs look the best when it is applied on the particular area. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the perfect mehendi design for the back of your hand.

Majestic Rajput Mehendi

The Rajput mehendi design looks splendid with the beautiful closely drawn patterns. This generally is a half hand mehendi design which comes with an array of symmetric designs. It exemplifies a look of grandeur to the wedding wear. This goes well with ringed bracelets and gives a look of a Princess.

Single Finger Design

A minimalistic design which has a broad opening at the deep end and it shrinks up to become a single design gliding beautifully onto a single finger, like an ornament. This looks neat, simple and speaks a lot about the elegance in it. One of the beautiful mehendi designs to opt for, if you do not want something loud, yet want to adorn your hand with a beautiful color.

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Peacock Mehendi

Peacock, one of the traditional mehendi designs which can also be turned into a modern version. A variety of designs will be able to complement the peacock mehendi in the most graceful way, and if you are trying to have your own mehendi at home, then peacock design is the one to start with. It can be made into a simple design, or into something intricate and complex – anything with peacock will come out as one of the most beautiful mehendi designs.

Wide Bracelet Mehendi

A bold full circled or half circled bracelet is the way to go to take it up a notch! The bracelet design will be intricate and closely spaced for the mehendi to give out the look of a bracelet. Try out this bold and beautiful wide bracelet mehendi and it is going to give you a few extra points in your wedding!

The Moroccan Design

The Moroccan design is for those stylish ones, who wants to go out of the usual designs and flaunt a great and unique pattern. This looks simple with plenty of spaces in between a bunch of flawless intricate designs.

The Chakra

The most traditional looking mehendi designs of all – Chakra. Though Chakra is widely used as a design on the palms, it would look beautiful if it is applied on the back of the hand. The simple chakra is a no-nonsense design which does not attract too much attention but does well in complementing the whole attire.

Black And Red Mehendi Design

A little multi color in the mehendi goes a long way in making it stand out. This pretty red and black pattern is one of the most beautiful mehendi designs that women would want to crave for! The dark color of the mehendi goes well with almost anything gives a rich look!

Architectural Mehendi

Look at those intricate, rich and gorgeous half hand mehendi! The mahal with the crisscrossed beams of mehendi with the peacock – this design has it all! The traditional attire with this mehendi will be enriched with this beautiful design of bedded patterns and the architectural elegance of it.

Floral Mehendi

Floral designs are one of the most common designs, and it is common for a reason! These floral designs can be used to adorn any type of design. It could be used exclusively as a single most design or can be used in a mixture of designs. Wherever floral designs are used, it lends a beautiful touch to the mehendi.

Mango Design

The mango design has been one among the olden designs adopted for the mehendi. The curved ends of the mango overlapping with another mango is one of the most beautiful design to adopt it in your mehendi to get one of the most beautiful mehendi designs.

Which of these mehendi designs is your favorite? Comment below!



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