Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day



Wedding day is one of the most important day in a girl’s life. To look stunningly beautiful on D-day is every girl’s childhood dream. We spend months, in some cases even years deciding on the perfect look and the perfect clothing for our wedding. Every girl wants to look no less than a star at her own wedding. So to help you out here we bring to you some tips which would help you look stunningly beautiful on D-day.  

Everyone’s eyes are set on brides on the wedding day. From heels and lehenga to makeup everyone will look upto you. For getting that flawless look make sure you start preparing for your special day now, if you are about to get married.


10 Best Tips For the Bride-to-be to Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day

Here we bring to you the top 10 tips to make you look like a star at the wedding. Read ahead to know more.

1)Get In Shape Before Your Wedding

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Go ahead, choose an exercise you love to do and get in shape for your wedding. A good workout will help boost your energy and make you feel happier (courtesy the endorphins!). Getting in shape will not only make you feel confident in your skin but also help you look stunningly beautiful on D-Day.


2)Get The Glow


 Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Because nothing is as charming as a bride with beautiful glow to her. Take care of your skin to ensure that it looks perfect on the D-Day. Eat the right kind of diet and also get a series of monthly facials before your wedding. Choose the best saloon near your neighbourhood and go ahead with the facial regime to achieve a glowing skin on your wedding day.


3)Relax, Sleep And Rest

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Just relax, take rest and have a good sleep before your wedding. Too much work and stress might ruin the D-Day look for you. So spend your time with close family and friends before your wedding and enjoy to the fullest. Do not stress yourself too much.


4)Watch Your Diet

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Eat a balanced diet atleast a 2 months before your D-Day. This would not only help you stay in shape and get the glowing skin, but it will also help regulate your hormones and hence help you look stunningly beautiful on the D-Day.


5)Yoga And Meditation Are The Way To Go

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Because it is often said, “that your body hears what your mind says”, so watch your thoughts. Try practicing Yoga and meditation for a while. This would not only bring you inner peace but also help you relax, relieve you of the everyday stress and help you look stunningly beautiful on your D-Day.


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6)Avoid Doing Too Much Make Up


Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Applying too much make-up can result in clogging skin pores hence damaging the skin. So atleast 2 months before your wedding stop applying heavy make-up and let your skin relax. Even if on some occasion you do apply heavy make-up, then do remember to remove it using wet cotton balls before you go to sleep.


7)Hair Care


Caring for your hair is also important before your wedding. So go in for a hair spa or regular head massages to increase blood circulation in the scalp. This would help increasing volume of your hair and also give them that silky shine which every bride desires to have on her wedding.


8)Manicure And Pedicure

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Hands are a focal point for your D-Day, so you would want them to look good in any close-up shots of your rings. Hence, regular manicures and pedicures are a great way to make sure that your feet and hands are in great condition. They not only improve the skin but deeply hydrate it as well.


9)Plan For A Body Spa

Look Stunningly Beautiful on D-day


Body spa is one of the most relaxing and soothing experience. It relives stress and helps in rejuvenating your skin, helping you get the glow. Your skin would not only be hydrated but it would also feel soft. So go ahead and book your appointment well in advance before the wedding.


10)Trial Of Your Wedding Outfit


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On your D-Day, all eyes would be on you. So if you are not feeling comfortable in your wedding outfit, that can be embarassing and might ruin your D-Day. To avoid this, organize a trial well in advance in your wedding outfit so that you make sure that you are feeling comfortable and confident in it.

We hope that these tips would help you manage your big, fat and long wedding hours while still looking stunningly beautiful throughout the ceremony. So go ahead and feel like a star at your wedding!