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So it’s your best friend’s wedding and you definitely want to be the person who gives the best wedding gift, a gift which they will remember for a long time. The key to a successful gift? Make it personal. Gone are the days when a gift was all about china dining set, a photo frame or yet another toaster oven! Here is a list of some amazing wedding gift ideas for your best friend!

10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

1) Gift Baskets

The newly engaged love birds will need help in their new homes and as the best friend, it’s your job to help. Gone are the days when fruit baskets were the only variant. Give the couple a lovely basket of things they will not just use but also need in their daily lives. A basket full of kitchen necessities or cleaning products sounds like a perfect gift as the new couple tries to settle into their new life.

wedding gift ideas for your best friendwedding gift ideas for your best friend

2) Some Green Friends

As mentioned before, a personal and thoughtful gift attributes a great gift. So gift the couple an opportunity to strengthen their bond, something which they would take care of together. A very popular wedding gift trend which has emerged recently is gifting plants- Succulent in a pot are a great option, for they do not need a lot of care and don’t have to be watered regularly and also add a fresh new feeling to a home.

wedding gift ideas for your best friend                                                                     

3) Emergency Bridal Kit

How can a list of best wedding gift ideas for your best friend be complete without you emerging as the best bridesmaid in the history of bridesmaids? You know your girlfriend better than anyone and you know exactly what she needs. It’s important to have those just-in-case items to make sure your best friend’s dream wedding goes off without a hitch. This gift can always be DIY-ed or even bought online. Essentials like tweezers, blotting papers, safety pins, a granola bar, a face mist etc are all to be included.

wedding gift ideas for your best friend

4) Spa Voucher

As we are narrowing down uncountable wedding gift ideas for your best friend, this gift stands out as a considerate gesture. It can be given anytime during the whole process, be it while planning the wedding or after the wedding. This can be also given to the couple or just your girlfriend. They need to de-stress and what’s better than a relaxing day at the spa? Gift the couple a Spa voucher and allow them to take some time off from all the eventful and hectic preparations they have been going through.

Wedding gift ideas for your best friend

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5) Gift Cards

Another popular trend of the wedding season- gift cards! These are available for almost every service nowadays. Give your couple a gift card worth the amount which suits you and bequests them a fancy dinner at any restaurant. Gift cards for restaurants are readily available on And to add to that gift cards are also available for clothes- so go ahead and let your girl do some honeymoon shopping!

Wedding gift ideas for your best friend

6) A Custom Map

This personalized gift puts your favorite couple’s new life on the map – quite literally. Select, resize, and customize a map of any location in the world or the world itself! For the couple who loves to travel these maps are also available in various styles- the couple can scratch out the country they travelled together or pin their travel destinations. Not just this you can also create a frameable poster of the place they were engaged, fell in love or met along with the dates. Now isn’t that one wedding gift idea for your best friend to cherish forever?

Wedding gift ideas for your best friend

7) Coffee/Tea Subscription

You know what is another out of the box wedding gift idea for your best friend? Something she or the couple together can wake up to aka coffee or tea! Know what your girlfriend’s wake-up call is – and gift her a year’s subscription of the same. Get freshly roasted beans or handpicked tea leaves delivered to the newlyweds’ doorstep every month.

Wedding gift ideas for your best friend 

8) Homecenter/Homestop Gift Cards

Help your newly-weds turn their house into a home. Gone are the days where people gifted cupboards and almirahs themselves. Let the lovers embrace their home in their own style. A gift card for any lifestyle or furniture store will be an aid in their new journey. Let her embellish her new home with what suits her the best.

Wedding gift ideas for your best friend

9) Mr. & Mrs. Accessories

Well your best friend is getting married and you want to give the couple something special, so why not give the couple something that is entirely personal to them? This wedding gift idea for your best friend is easily available in shops or online, printed Mr. and Mrs. Pillow cases, sheets, bathrobes are some common suggestions. You can also experiment with a variety of ideas such as printing the wedding date on coffee mugs or a bedside frame.

wedding gift ideas for your best friend          Wedding gift ideas for your best friend

10) Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the gift that we keep on giving. Pick something that the bride loves, from reading or beauty, and treat her to surprise snail-mail deliveries every month. This option is one of the best wedding gift ideas for your best friend. Surprise your girlfriend every month! Choose from the variety that is easily available online. These boxes include a selection of various products ranging from skin care like masks and body cream, a snack etc to craft supplies if your best friend is an artsy person.

gifting ideas

So here is our list of some brilliant ideas for your best friend’s wedding gifts. Do let us know which idea you liked the best as a wedding gift or if you have any more suggestions for our other readers in the comment section below!



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