Weddings hold a very special place in our Indian culture. Along with being an important event with its traditional and religious aspects, it is like a big festival for every family. As the bride and the groom step into a new phase of life, building new relationships and taking over the new responsibilities, it is a way to start this journey and celebrate the love with good pomp and show. This starts with several pre-wedding functions like Mehendi, Haldi, engagement, and others as per your culture, each symbolizing something significant, blessing the new couple with good luck.


As we live these special moments and step in the new phase, we make precious memories that need to be captured. These memories are the ones that help us to relive moments that hold a special place in our hearts. For this, good photographers, ones who understand your value for these events and thus, put in their extra efforts to capture every beautiful moment are required. Nowadays, a lot of importance is given to photography. With special photo booths to backdrops for good photography, with photo props to specific styling, lot of arrangements are made.  So, choosing the apt one from the 10 best wedding photographers for your Indian wedding can be helpful for the perfect shots.

Wedding Photographers for Indian Weddings

Planning to have an unconventional wedding shoot? Here are some suggestions:


With more than 3 years of experience, Vogueshaire is a team of talented photographers to make you look stunning at your wedding. From candids to background matching, you don’t need to worry about anything. Lay yourself onto Vogueshaire and see the magic.

Our Wedding Chapter


Hold on here if you are searching for some Innovation! Offering the best to its clients, OWC is a renowned group of professionals to spark light on your wedding with creativity and spontaneous actions. Get ready to be the rocking couple!

Scarlet and Lush

Closely curated with film sets, Scarlet and Lush provides a complete celebrity look to their clients. The team strives its best to add a sense of uniqueness with attractiveness. Trained photographers go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients. To get the most amazing photographs at your wedding, you can definitely reach out to them.

North Water Star


Providing the essence of beauty in their photographs, the North Water Star is a creative photography team that shoots extremely powerful emotions clearly and nicely. Be it the bride’s tears, the smiles of the elderly, or the laughs of children, the team assures to capture every moment of the wedding.

The Wedding Psalm

You might not have seen anyone put so much efforts in their work, especially for others. These people go beyond the professional way and make sure to give the BEST! They never say NO to your requests, be it anything. You only need to trust and relax, watching your time and money getting used in the right way!


Getting the right photographers at your wedding is a serious task. Do not let that get wasted. To save your wedding shoot, Weddingscapes is the place for you. Let your guests and family enjoy the talent of the best photographers. Do not settle for less, take a try on Weddingscapes.


To capture the wonderful moments of the best day of your life, Wedmantram lets you do it more attractively. Photographs make your wedding even better, and why not do it with the professional photographers? Check out on Wedmantram and let the beauty spread in your shoot!



For more fun and modern approach, Weddingcinemas can be trusted blindly. If you want to make your wedding memorable and splendid, this team ensures you to assist. With more than ten years of experience, the team of photographers and cinematographers reach up to your mark and standard.

Shutter Shades

Want to get the best quality results in minimal time? Well, then Shutter Shades is for you. Being the team of sincere and passionate photographers, you get the chance to shoot as per your preferences and suggestions with a guarantee of worthy results. It is a Lucknow and Delhi based group of photographers who work with pushing their limits to provide the best shots.

Dreamcatchers Photography

The last but not least, Dreamcatchers Photography lets you wander into the beautiful snaps of your favorite day. They provide an outstanding and fabulous wedding shoot, with a comfortable atmosphere. A simple and highly productive output can be obtained easily with them. This is a renowned team of photographers, working to give unforgettable services.