You have butterflies in your stomach because your Wedding Day is approaching. That’s understandable ladies, but what is not obvious is that your Bridal lehenga would be a perfect fit for you. So, here are the 10 things that you should know about your lehenga fitting and consequently make any sort of changes if required before you regret not doing that.


1. Check Zippers and other stitches

 Make sure that the zippers work. No need to tell why I guess. Also, make sure there are no over stitches as it might ruin the appearance of your lehenga. Dont rush instead check each and every part of your lehenga thoroughly.

2. Ditch the dark lipstick

Well, it is important because the dark lipstick may stain your lehenga while you wear it. You will not want to go to dry cleaner after spending bucks on your lehenga. So, avoid dark lipsticks.

3. Wear the same lingerie as the Wedding Day

An important one! Make sure you try the body shaper and the lingerie when trying your lehenga before the Wedding Day. You might require more or less padding in your bra to fit your lehenga perfectly. How the inner wear fits your body can make or mar the overall look.

4. Wear bridal shoes

The length of the lehenga changes by the change in the footwear. You neither want your lehenga to sweep the floor nor to showcase your footwear. You want just the right length. So, wear the bridal shoes you are to wear on the Wedding Day.

5. Do wear your bridal jewellery

Jewellery is an important part of the overall look of the bride. It can improve the appearance or might look tacky sometimes. So, we advice you to try it with your lehenga beforehand. Also, make sure it is not getting caught in the embroideries of your lehenga.

6. Drape Dupatta

It is of value because the drape of your Dupatta changes the overall look and you need to know if the drape suits well with the neckline and the kind of jewellery you are wearing. Also, see if it is comfortable or not.

7. Shake it up

Are you feeling chained down? Well, this is to know if you will be able to walk and move properly in the lehenga on your Wedding Day. Try to walk, sit,and dance to test everything.


8. Click pictures from different angles

Pictures tell a thousand words. Try clicking pictures from all the angles possible to see how the lehenga look on you. It helps you in analysing the dress better.

9. Is there a hook along with the Dori?

The bridal lehengas are heavy, right? That means you need a good support to hold it in place. Therefore, we advice you to see that your lehenga has a hook along with the dori to avoid any unwanted situation.

10. No to Solo Shopping

Ladies, even if you prefer doing all your shopping alone, for God sake, do’nt go alone. Go with your mother, sister, best-friend or whoever you want to go with. You need people to give constructive feedbacks. Your choice might be good but you definitely need people who can guide you.

Brides-to-be, I hope you will follow these tips to avoid not so-nice-looking situation on your Wedding Day.