Diwali is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in India. What is even a festival if it doesn’t involve gifts? Big or small,  a Diwali gift can light up the receiver’s face with a joyous smile. It makes them feel special and also marks the festive occasion. But for some people, giving gifts is a tedious task that leaves them feeling confused and exhausted. The sheer idea of giving someone they love a gift puts them at their wit’s end and they cannot fathom what will make the perfect gift to make someone feel special. They spend days looking for Diwali gift ideas all over the internet but all in vain!

Here Are 10 Amazing Diwali Gift Ideas to Try This Season

Worry not! Here we have a list of amazing Diwali gift ideas that will be suitable for almost all the different types of people and will not leave you perplexed. Choose the Diwali gift idea that suits your needs and your budget and sweep them off their feet with a thoughtful gift.

1) Do Nut Lose Your Mind and Spice it Up!

Diwali gift ideas

Bored of giving out the same old sweets? Go for a spicy and savoury treat instead! With a range of Namkeens and other savoury snack items available, giving just sweets is not the only option. Gift a nice hamper of such foods and gift that instead of the usual run of the mill sweets. Dry fruits and nuts are always a safe gifting option. They are ideal for those who like to avoid sweets and are worried about the adulteration in the store-bought sweetmeats. The health-conscious ones will also appreciate this healthier option.

2) All That Glitters

Diwali Gift IdeasA wise person once said, when in doubt, buy jewellery. Jewellery is the go-to gift that doesn’t even need an excuse or a reason. From fancy finger rings to designer neck pieces, they make the most reliable Diwali gift ideas! If you can afford jewellery made of precious metals, that’s great, but for those on a tight budget, even imitation jewellery makes a good impression!

3) Clothes

Diwali Gift Ideas

A perfect gift for a person who is close to you and works out better if you know their size and sense of style, gifting clothes is also a good idea and never goes out of fashion.

4) Apply Your Mind on a Home Appliance

home applianceHome appliances make life so much easier, whether it is the neat and easy cleaning through a vacuum cleaner or the quick reheating of food with Microwave. Home appliances will definitely make your loved one’s life more comfortable. You just need to listen to them closely to know what to buy. Ideal gift for a spouse if you are too lazy to help with the daily chores.

5) Electronic Gadgets

Diwali Gift Ideas

We all know a gadget freak who is always raving about a new device in the market. This might be the perfect occasion to gift them the product of their dreams! Pretty sure that they will love it so much that they will continue praising your Diwali gift until next Diwali!

6) DIY (Do-it-Yourself)

Diwali Gift Ideas

The internet is full of Diwali gift ideas that you can make on your own. From basic cards to elaborate jewellery items too! You can decorate or make candles too to signify the beautiful festival of lights. Select a Diwali gift idea that is easy to make and within your capacity and get down dirty with it! Nothing beats a handmade gift.

7) Book Them This Diwali


A bibliophile will never leave you scampering for Diwali gift ideas because you always know what to gift them. Pick up the latest bestseller and you are done. To make it more personal, get acquainted with the genre of books that they like to read and give them a book having good reviews in that field. You can even gift them an eBook reader if they are comfortable reading digital books!

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8) Fitness Bands

Diwali Gift Ideas

A perfect gift for all the health and fitness freaks. Fitness Bands will monitor their activities and assist them during their workouts. For a higher budget, you can gift Apple’s Fitbit, but cheaper devices are also available that can do the job.

9) Mint Prosperity

Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is a festival of prosperity. You can gift your near and dear ones a customised gold or silver coin with inscriptions of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Lord Ganesh. Even small idols make wonderful keepsakes. For a more budget-friendly option, silver or gold plated coins or idols are also unique.

10) Gift Cards

Diwali Gift Ideas

For a picky person, it is best to give them the absolute control to choose their own gift. Gift them a Gift Voucher of an online or an offline store and let them pick out their own gift. It reduces the burden of looking for Diwali gift ideas drastically!

Equipped with all these Diwali gift ideas, go ahead and get gift wrapping!