Weddings along with being a time to get together, enjoy and celebrate can be the biggest expense of your life. From getting the venues booked to shopping for your clothes and jewelry, from getting your bridal makeup appointments fixed to inviting all guests, there is so much to do. Along with taking care of your own needs you need to avail of the needs of everyone invited. From inviting them with beautiful invitation cards to arranging for their stay, food, and other important items.

With fulfilling their needs, you need to look after your wishes and dreams, including the decor, clothes, rituals, and all other things.


No matter how hard you try, weddings can get out of the budget. Looking after everything you always wanted in this expensive world can cost you a ton of what you had calculated. Cost-cutting is hard when you have to choose between your fairy tale wedding and the budget. All your family members try hard to make everything work. But cutting down the cost of few not-so-important items is an intelligent move. When you plan your wedding there are a few items that are not required. Though it is hard to realize sometimes but cutting them off can make a difference. It can help you invest in more important or exclusive items that you wish for.

Wedding Items that are not Essential

11 items you don’t really need for your wedding are:

Expensive Wedding Heels


Nobody is going to see your wedding heels with a long dress or lehenga that you wear. It is rarely visible and yet is too expensive. So, it is an intelligent move to buy heels that are no too high on your budget and are also comfortable.

A Big Cake

The cake is something that has now been adopted by many cultures as a part of their wedding. But spending huge amounts to get a super big cake is not a very smart move. Getting the perfect cake in a smaller size can help you to save money as most people don’t end up having the cake anyway.

Wedding Planners

Most people these days hire a wedding planner as the trend. If you have a good number of friends and relatives living close to you, you don’t need a planner. Each person can be given one duty as per their interests and knowledge.

Menu Cards

In most western weddings there is a trend of having menu cards on the table. You can easily cut on them if you do not have a very different and elaborate menu.

Huge Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Pre-wedding functions are a good family time to bond and relax. It is better to keep it private and intimate with a few close people.

Special Florist


In a few weddings, special florists are hired to choose flowers used in decor along with the ones that have to be carried by the bride and bridesmaids. This can be done by you or any of your close friend or family member who knows your choices.

Wedding Favors


These are a token of memory that are given as traditional gifts by the bride and groom. As these are to thank all the guests, you can express your feelings of gratitude without them too.

Musical Band

Having a separate and special musical band can be easily avoided. A pen drive with your favorite playlist can do the work instead.

Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are not an essential thing. With the expense of designing and getting them printed, distribution is yet another problem. Instead emailing all your friends is easier and convenient.

A Separate Reception

In a few cultures like Indian marriages, there is a separate event organized by the groom’s family after a day or two of the wedding ceremony. It is better to have a joint big wedding celebration instead of separate events to save time and money.