Quarantine is the best time to try all sorts of DIYs especially the DIY hairstyles. It is because while getting ready for a function on your own, everything can be easily managed except the hair. Irrespective of their length, it just gets a tedious task to match it with the attire and the make-up. The major time consumed while getting ready is because of deciding the perfect hairstyle.

If you’re getting ready for a wedding without a hairstylist, you need to pull up a hairdo that looks classy and yet is easy for you to make. Hence, here’s a list of elegant DIY hairstyles which you can pull up in less than 5 minutes:

1) Elastic Headband Hairdo

You can create a hairdo in less than two minutes using an elastic headband. You won’t require any hairpins. All you need to do is put the elastic headband, wrap your hair and tuck it in the headband.

2) Braided Bun

In this, you simply need to make a high ponytail first. Once done, braid your ponytail. After that, you need to wrap the braid into a bun. Voila! You get a braided bun.

3) Three Buns

This even works with wet hair. You just need to part your hair in three sections at the back. This will distribute the weight of your hair. Once done, you need to make three consecutive buns.

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4) Chignon

A sleek chignon takes only five steps. Plus, it looks really formal. All you need to do is make a half loop while making a ponytail. Then take the extra hair of the tail and wrap it around the plastic.

5) Messy Braided Ponytail

This one even works if you’ve short hair. You need to braid both sides back for a low-pony. Then tie those braids back along with the rest of the hair. There you go, your messy braided ponytail is ready!

6) Lazy Girl’s Beehive

This hairdo will give you the perfect retro look. You’ll require a mesh chignon form for this. You’ll find it easily at any H&M store or on Amazon. Just pin it at the center of your hair and wrap your hair around it.

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7) Fishtail Braid Ponytail

If you’re a beginner, start from the top section. Take two strands and start braiding. As you keep on braiding, start wrapping up.

8) Faux Braid

This again works with short hair as well. This is quite thick and will always stay put. It is basically pulling a stack of ponytails through each other.

9) Bandana Ponytail

This one doesn’t need much creativity. All you need to do is upgrade your ponytail by simply tying a bandana around it. This will look classy as well as chic at the same time.

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10) Bubble Ponytail

This works best if you’ve long hair. You need to make a high pony and attach more elastics along the length of your hair. Once you’ve done that, then fan out the sections for a bubble effect.

11) Pinned Pigtails

Part your hair in two sections and braid the pigtails. Once they’ve been completely braided, wrap them around each other and pin them up. You can also try making a figure eight for a better look.

12) Scarf Bun

This hairstyle only takes 90 seconds and requires three steps. Firstly, you need to make a ponytail. Once you’ve made the ponytail, part the hair into two halves and braid them with a scarf. Once completely braided, make a bun.

These delightful hairdos will definitely make you stand out and the best part is you don’t need any hairstylist for any of them. So go ahead and try these! You can also check out these DIY makeup hacks as well.