Wedding nail art may be on the mind of every bride. Bridal nail art will look beautiful because people tend to see the hands of the brides often. And the hands will not look good if you have tacky nail polish on.

A list of amazing wedding nail designs has been curated for the Indian brides that will help them select the right manicure.

1. Classic Nails

The Classic French manicures look timeless and stylish. Select nude, soft pink, peach undercoat and pair it with elegant decorative details. It looks gorgeous with a contrasting sharp white tip.



2. The Traditional Nails

There’s nothing like stunning reds or metallic golds to make your tips look like a million dollars. Also, these shades better complement the outfit than anything else. You may also go for something shiny, like tiny crystals or colored gems, to give the extra oomph.



3. The White And Gold French Nails

You should go for some classy white nails and ask your manicurists to glam up your white nails up with a lot of glitters. This type of nail art isn’t only great for a marriage, as all whites really finish the earthy shade of henna, but also look good for other wedding functions such as your reception, engagement, etc.



4. Blue Nails

You can go shockingly rock in a variety of blue shades if you are one daring bride. Either you can look softer or you can choose a bold blue shade accordingly.


5. Floral Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails now have more texture and introduce layers to the simple nails. The floral acrylic designs are engraved on the nails and give them a fine look. They must be cared for if you want them to last longer than the other nails. You also can get them customized. This type of nail art however requires a highly-skilled nail artist.



6. Nude And Stone Nails

Nothing looks more beautiful than a nude gel nail paint. Such nails look classy and beautiful. Gel nails are in trend at the moment so you go for a gel nail paint in a nude shade to suit your skin and you can make your nail paint look more attractive by using some stones and so on.



7. Heena Inspired Nails

By adding this mehndi influenced nail art design you will embrace your Indian side. The dark mehndi design on your hands could match them too!



8. Blingy Nails

If your wedding outfits are created from delicately tailored tulles and light shades, you may simply select an elegant and subtle bridal nail art. A nail art combining pastel pinks and glittery golds will definitely be a dreamy combination.



9. Matte Nails

Using these special matte nails, you will glamorize your nails which will bring more dimension to your overall look!


10. White And Gold Nails

If you enjoy everything about fashion, go for white and gold nail art. Get some golden spikes on your accent nails and your nails will look fantastic.



11. Ivory And Black Nails

It is a lovely nail art design with an ivory background with black patterns on its edges. It is another option for the Indian bride who does not want to go with conventional nail art.



12. Red With Shimmer Nails

The red nails will match your red wedding outfit for sure. But, if you don’t want to go all traditional, you can put a little chunky sparkle on your nail to make it more outstanding!


Here are the top 12 picks for bridal nail art designs. Which one do you like? Tell us in the comments section below.