Weddings In India are an Affair and Celebration of a Lifetime

1. Weddings In India Meeting old Friends

Weddings In India Some old college friend who got settled in the US or your childhood buddy, you will get to see all of them on your wedding day.

Weddings In India

2. Fun on Social Media

Weddings in India have a rich place for social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram or even twitter, you will get a chance to post all your excitement and tweet your every emotion with the highest number of likes of your life. The reason being is Indian brides are adorned to their best and one sees a colourful marriage with various rituals and ceremonies. Lastly, who can resist the mouthwatering lip smacking rich Mughlai dishes and other Indian delicacies which vary from one state to another?

Weddings In India

3. Decorated home

The house will be pumped up with stuff inside out. Lights, candles, flowers and the list goes on. Just think of any decorative item and it’ll be there to convert your home into a palace.

Weddings In India

4. You’ll look like a prince

The ultimate D-day when you will be the most handsome guy on the planet. Be it your favorite sherwani, a dashing suit or a typical indo-western outfit, you’ll definitely look the best version of you.

Weddings In India

5. Or rather a princess

The day when you can actually wear all the jewelry you ever imagined along with the makeup and glamour. A nice lehenga which you decided after a month of shortlisting will complete the package as all eyes will be on you.

Weddings In India

6. Trail of events

Marriages in India are not just a one-day event, rather they are a month-long journey with tons of celebrations ending on the final D-day. (Not to mention the months of preparations that go into it)

Weddings In India

7. Photographs

Photos, more photos, and even more photos. The photographer will be there to capture your each and every moment so that you can enjoy them the rest of your life.

Weddings In India

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8. Meet relatives

Be it the Canada wali massi or Bittoo chacha’s son, all your relatives will be there whether you like them or hate them till death. Some may judge you, some may find faults with the food but they will stand by your side and will be happy for you.

Weddings In India

9. Events & performances in Indian Weddings

Be it a musical chair or a small performance by your college friends, these small events will definitely put a smile on your face.

Weddings In India

10. You can dance without being awkward

Be it the sexy thumka or everyone’s favorite Naagin dance, you can show off all your dance moves without looking awkward.

Weddings In India

11. Get a lot of gifts

I know you won’t accept it but everyone loves getting gifts. From guessing what’s inside just by the shape of the box till the excitement to opening them, gifts are a wonderful way to enjoy your celebration.

Weddings In India

12. Rituals & Ceremonies

Irrespective of how much modern you are in real life, you are going to enjoy them thoroughly. From applying turmeric and mehendi to every part of your body to the famous juta chupai, you will love each one of them.

Weddings In India

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13. Band Baaja Baraat

The groom entering on a bright white ghodi and the bride sitting in doli, all your fairytale fantasies will come to life when you’ll actually feel the stardom. This ceremony is where the groom is also given importance. That’s why Weddings In India are a celebration of a lifetime not only from the bride’s side just because she is beautifully adorned and center of attraction but also from the groom’s side. 

Weddings In India

14. Memories for a lifetime

When everything goes well, you cherish the hard work that went into it. Not just gifts and photographs, but you will actually be taking home a big bouquet of memories that you will remember throughout your life. 

Weddings In India

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15. Start of a new journey

Apart from all the celebrations, you will have someone who will always be there for you; your soul mate, your partner in crime and he/she will be yours forever!

Weddings In India

For a marriage to be perfect you need to make a hell lot of preparations. For a hassle-free wedding, trust Wedamor and let us make Weddings In India an affair of a lifetime.



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