Beautiful Accessories are every girl’s best friend throughout. Being so essential,  bride-to-be is in continuous

search of the same from the point her D-day is fixed.The wedding outfit is just the first thing to decide therefore, it is just the beginning.A wedding  look is incomplete without the perfect accessories that are needed to be adorned by a to be bride.The accessories include fancy braids, stylish shoes, latest jewellery , handbags and clutches etc.

Best Bridal Accessories

Below are some of our picked must-have accessories, every bride should opt for –

1. Sole for soul –

You can choose from sky high heels to flats, comfortable foot wears according to your ease and comfort.You  are recommended to finalize your soles and heels, even before approving to your first fitting of your different wedding dresses.It is suggested to make your comfort a priority during the wedding functions. Bridal soles and shoes vary from flats, slip ons, wedges,heels ,pumps etc .

Seeing your comfort, you should stick  to  flat juttis, chappals, sandals , wedges or platforms heels.


=Bridal Footwears

source – pixabay

2. Decorate your Hair –

You have a number of options when it comes to decorating and styling your hair as the way your hair looks can make a drastic change in your appearance. You should choose your hair accessories wisely and also according to the hair style that you want on different functions of your wedding.Artificial braids, stylish buns, various hair clips,  floweral braids etc are some of the hair accessories you must opt for.

It’s all about figuring out what hair style and which hair accessory will work the best for you according to your outfit and the occasion. Flowers make a natural hair accessory which is very much in fashion presently. Matching hair clips, tiaras, pearl headbands or artificial bun raps can add a vintage touch to your bridal look.



Bridal Hair Accessories


3. Be selective of your Inner wears –

After finalizing your desired and beautiful wedding outfits and foot wears, it is the time to select the appropriate inner wears that will serve the best. You need to purchase a shapewear, a specific type of bra, backless or a strapless bra, a bustier according to your selected outfits , a seamless underwear just to ensure that your wedding outfits look picture perfect without giving you any hiccups with regards to mismatched briefs.

It is a good idea to bring your undergarments along with you to your first dress fitting to see that everything works perfect.


bridal inner wears



4. Wrap yourself the best –

In case, if your wedding is happening at a cold place or in the winter season, you will want to include a wrap or an outerwear  in your bridal accessory list. A shawl,a shrug ,stole, long coats and jackets fits to be the best to carry along. A faux fur jacket can be a good option to give a vintage-inspired look.You can also don denim jackets to many designer shrugs to increase your oomph factor.

Keep yourself warm


5. Get choosy with your slings and handbags –

With your heavy designer outfits and your flashy and showy foot wears , you will probably not want to carry an extra dozen of burden.However, you can keep all the extra essentials with a family member , friend or bridesmaids. But, the essentials must be carried in a designer, classy and fashionable slings or small handbags that matches your attire without spoiling your persona.


Slings and Handbags



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6. Style with the shinny Jewels –

Ornaments and the jewellery are the must-haves for every bride in order to beautify herself. Whether you want to adorn a bold look or a subtle one, it is completely your own choice. Perfect Jewellery adds a lot of bling to your outfits therefore, taking your bridal look to a completely new level.Ranging from heavy necklaces, Rani haar , a stone studded necklace to a sleak light weighted necklace, brides can choose according to their preferences. These days, there is a variety of artificial jewellery available too, that is easily accessible and also pocket friendly. Brides, do not let anything dim your spark.

Shine with Jewelssource – pixabay


7. Maang Tikkas –

Maang Tikkas belong back to the traditional part of accessories. You find various types of maang tikkas in the market as well as online.Pick a style that you like the most and accentuate your look with it. If you are looking for a bolder mang tikka, choose options like double or multi-tier mattha pattis or jhoomar for an unconventional look.


Bridal Maang Tikkas

source –

8. Decorate your feet –

A dainty payal or an anklet is best to enhance the beauty of your mehndi, hence, making you fall in love with your feet over again. Women these days have a lot of choices to make them look more beautiful. Opt for traditional models or contemporary ones that use colorful beads, crystals, and other stones.

Eye Catching Bridal Anklet

9. Wear a chooda –

A Chooda is the most prominent and essential part of a wedding. It makes you look more lively and vibrant with its different shades of red colour. Chooda is  important for a complete bridal look  and also makes you look charming. The unparalleled quintessence of those red and white bridal bangles is something that every woman has desired for since she was a little girl fantasizing about her wedding day!

Bridal Love


10. Shine a smile –

A smile is the most important natural accessory that you should always carry. You cannot buy it from anywhere but it surely brings a completely different glow to your face. Beam with a confident and natural smile throughout your day. Jewellery is a woman’s best friend, but without a perfect smile, no amount of accessories will compensate for it.

Smile adds an extra ordinary shine to your face and hence, is a natural ornament, you must wear!


Add an Extra Glow