Bridal Appeal- Everything that a bride wants.

Wedding is a special day, especially for a girl. A girls plans her wedding right from the beginning of her childhood. It is indeed an auspicious day for her and her entire family. The bride makes sure that her each and every need is fulfilled on that day. There is an everlasting list of the requirements put up by the brides. This is a custom that brides have followed from centuries. Every bride has her checklist in the ongoing days of her wedding.


• Wedding Attire: The bride dreams of her wedding attire ever since she is first acquainted with the idea of being a bride. The choice of pattern, colour and design is present in her mind all over these years. The perfect wedding attire is the main attraction for the bride in her wedding. The dress should also go with the theme of the wedding. Most brides choose red/maroon lehenga for their wedding. It is indeed a style statement.

• Jewellery: The wedding jewellery is the hardest thing to decide. The bride has to undergo many trials and sessions before finalising the main set of jewels. The jewellery can be bought, rented or borrowed, all depending on the bride’s mood. The wedding jewellery consists of jhumkis, necklace, bangles and choodas. Some of the brides may also like matthapatti and traditional nath.

• Make-Up: The make-up of the bride need to be perfect. There are many aspects that are to be considered before doing the makeup. Some of them are the time of the wedding. Whether it is a day wedding or a night function. What amount of lighting will be present? Will the makeup glow and shine in the light? All these questions are itself the answer to the perfect makeup guide. The bride should not overdo her makeup and instead make it look realistic.

• Bridal Entry: The brides have a dream of having a grand entry in their wedding. They wish to be admired by each and every guests while walking down the aisle. She wants to be the centre of attraction just for one day of her life and she surely is. Many brides come with unique ideas for their entry nowadays. Some of them choose a bollywood song amd dance their hearts out. Some of them make a quite entry. Some of them wants an ariel varmala ceremony and many more.

• Photographer: Every bride needs to be perfectly captured on this day. She wants her every detail to be captured in a photograph which will remain with her forever as the most beautiful memory. Memory of becoming a bride. The photographer must know all the tips and tricks to capture a photo with good lighting and background.

• The tid bit list: Almost every detail has been counted but there is always something that will go out of the sight in the hassles of the wedding day. This is why, every bride prepares a tid bit list also to not forget even the slightest detail.


Surely, it is a tough task to be a bride. But, for a bride-to-be it is always the happiest.