Groom’s Appeal: Everything that a groom wants
Groom! The most attractive person of the evening. He has a lot of reaponsibilities for the wedding day yet he manages to look so dashing and handsome. Just like the brides, grooms also want to be the centre of attraction. In our traditional wedding ceremony, the main focus is always on the groom and his family. They are given the humungous amount of respect and are given a grand treatment. Just like the bride, there is a fantasy of the groom too that everybody shod praise him. He is considered as the star of the evening.

Groom’s Responsibility:
Becoming a groom is not an easy task. He has to manage each and everything despite of all others present to work for the event. He should give personal attention to every minute detail. He is responsible for the well being of the “Baraatis”. Although the wedding is carried out by the bride’s side but the groom side is also tensed about the arrangements made for their guests. He should also talk about the budget and dutch it if he wishes to. He should check the guest list before hand and submit it to the other party before-hand.

o Attire:- The groom’s attire is also as important as the bride’s attire. The suit should be well fitted and should look good on him. If he decides to wear a Sherwani, then the dhoti should be properly tied. He should also decide what to wear as a small piece of jewellery to be matching with his outfit for the day.
o Peronal Hygiene:- A groom has to look the most handsome on the day of his wedding. Here are certain things he should do within 1 week of his marriage:
• He should get a haircut for sure.
• He should get a clean up.
• He should try some home remedies if his skin is reactive to chemicals.
• He should maintain his oral hygiene.
• He should practice body hair grooming.
o All these things will make him look even more balanced. As the bride will get a proper makeover, but the groom won’t. These small things will surely add up to his forte.
o Planning some thing special for his bride:- The most underrated gesture in Indian weddings. It is the responsibility of the groom to surprise his partner and make her feel the love he has for her. He shoould plan a perfect gift that he may present to her in front of the entire family. It will not only make her happy but will surely strengthen their bond.

There are many more responsibilities of a groom on his wedding day but nothing is more important than enjoying the special day on it’s fullest!!