Wedding Mandap is an important part of the wedding culture in India.  It is a sacred location where the bride and groom take their vows and pledge to live forever by each other’s side. It’s where they finally begin their journey as life partners. Wedding mandap decorations thus hold a very specific spot in the newlyweds’ hearts. They are the focus of attention at the wedding and they should be given special attention. So, make sure to knock down the designs that are too cliche and are already used to bring a wow factor to your wedding.

We have provided you with a list of the 5 best wedding mandap decorations and mandap designs!

1. Pheras By The Beach

If you’re planning a wedding venue close to the beach then this mandap design will meet all your needs. Having the blue sky and the sea in its background, a plain but elegant mandap sits beautifully on the white sand. The look requires nothing more than a nice fresh floral decor. It is a modest but admirable design that will improve the already glorious ambiance of the wedding setting and will give you excellent pictures of the mandap decor.


2. The Gold-Themed Mandap

The classic gold never goes wrong when we think about a traditional Indian wedding. The golden theme with its golden furniture and the background flowers are a source of richness. Keeping the right shade of golden intact, you can play with lights and candles to show the glittering effect and you will get pretty pictures of mandap decoration that you will cherish forever.


3. Classy White Mandap

White is the color of royalty and if you’re fond of making your wedding a royal affair then go for this elegant white mandap setup. In recent years white mandaps have become very popular as they serve as a pristine canvas for the imagination. Luxury white use of flowers and sheets makes setting a dreamy affair. It’s amazing how white wonders can work in the simplest ways and never go wrong! Pictures of the white mandap decoration are a treat. If the place has green surroundings, the whole look is accentuated too.


4. The Yellow Hue Mandap

Yellow is the deal to seal for a pair who is always up for some extra fun. Also, opting for a single color often looks so pleasing to the eyes and this is an excellent example of that. The yellow roses can really ace the game for exotic and colorful mandap decoration pictures. Yellow is perfect for a morning wedding. You may also opt with different colors of mustard, with peach or matching white flowers to add to the elegance.


5. Love For Roses

This is one of the best wedding decoration ideas for a mandap that creates a mesmerizing and dreamy atmosphere. This is one of the mandap designs that looks lavish.  This setup in the open air can make your wedding incredibly awesome. The flowers in the background of your photos of your wedding would make you fall in love with your pictures. This idea of mandap decorating has our hearts. It certainly gives us the true essence of romanticism.



One common element is that mandap isn’t a simple thing made of bamboo shoots and banana leaves anymore. Mandap decoration is just as important as the wedding decor of the entire venue. It’s up to you whether you want it glittery or rustic or beautiful, but it must be no less than anything else at the wedding venue.

Save your favorite decorative mandap design and let us know in the comment section below.