A big fat Indian marriage is a happy occasion. In this event where two people come together, the colors, fun, and frolic seem endless. But what makes the Indian wedding unique are the traditional Pranks and Jokes that keep the Indian wedding alive and happening. It is not only the big day for the bride and groom but the whole bunch of their families, who have been strong participants in the planning for the wedding.

The hiding of the groom’s shoes, popularly called Joota Chupai, by the Bride’s sisters and close friends, is one of the most sought-after traditions or pranks during the entire ceremony. The bridesmaids sneakily hide the shoes of the Groom as he and his lovely bride are taking pheras in the mandap. If the side of the Bride is successful in stealing the shoes, they only return the shoes after the groom provides them a splendid sum of money or shagun.

Here are some amazing and enjoyable ways for jija ki saalis to hide jootey in unnoticed places and win their victory in Joota Chupai Rasam!

1. Bribe the Pandit Ji

The best way to steal shoes is to bribe the Pandit Ji and ask him to create a fake ceremony before the real pheras where the groom has to take off his shoes on the stage itself. That means you won’t have to wait till the pheras! Or if your pandit Ji is cool, he may even decide to sit on the jootis during the whole phera ceremony. Let the poor groom’s party roam from here and there looking for the shoes of their dulhe raaja and you can simply sit back and enjoy the wedding. 


2. Place them under a steel food dish

Each wedding buffet table has a stainless steel food dish lid. You can quickly get hold of it from the kitchen section, and position the jootis on a plate under the steel cover. Nobody would ever give a second thought about searching for the jootis under the food dish. 


3. Let the bride wear them

The shoes remain well hidden under the bride’s heavy and long lehenga and no one will have a tiny bit of an idea that a bride would wear the shoes of the groom. And if someone suspects that, nobody will dare to go up to the bride and search for the same thing.

4. Hide them inside the Vidai car

If you can access the Vidaai car, we bet that the triumph of the Joota Chupai rasam is sure to be yours. While the groom’s side will find in every corner of the location with their full force and disperse the whole groom group, they will never doubt that the shoes are inside the vidaai car’s deck. 


5. Hide them inside the Mithai ka Dabba

This concept is taken from “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun” movie. Since a wedding includes a dozen sweet boxes, you can conveniently hide the shoes inside a mithai ka dabba and place them somewhere amongst other sweet boxes. But do not forget to mark your own box otherwise you’re trapped. No one is going to bear the agony of opening every single box to find jootis out.


This game, through a silly prank, is a way to invite the groom into the family. Joota chupai is a funny wedding tradition for all of us. So why not twist it to make it more fun so that people can remember it for years to come. 

Follow these suggestions and be confident that you all will have a beautiful joota chupai. Good luck!