Hire a Wedding Florist

Hire a Wedding Florist

Before today’s tradition of a bride carrying flowers (arranged by a florist for weddings) down the aisle, brides would previously carry bouquets of herbs, grains, and garlic to ward off evil spirits. This tradition was eventually changed into blossoms because flowers represent beauty and fertility. As such, among the visually important aspects of weddings today is the proper display of flowers.

Wedding flowers are now very important to tradition. Your big day would not be complete without the right kind of statement-making flowers. Thus, it is crucial for you to hire a wedding florist to make sure that your venue is well-adorned by the freshest and most beautiful blooms.

Why Hire a Wedding Florist?

Here, industry professionals share other compelling reasons for hiring only an experienced wedding florist for your special day.

1. A Florist Uses the Right Varieties of Flowers

There are plenty of varieties of flowers you can use for your wedding, but choosing the right combination of blooms can be challenging without the guidance of a florist. Professional florists know which flower variant will look fresh until the end of the ceremony and which should be kept in water to preserve its beauty.

Even the simplest flower arrangement will require expert skill to become beautiful and enticing. Don’t compromise your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements by choosing to do it by yourself – there are certainly a lot of experienced florists who can do wedding floral arrangements on your behalf.
Hire a Wedding Florist

 2. A Florist Can Help You Save Money While Buying Flowers

Seasoned florists have extensive experience when it comes to sourcing flowers, either from a flower garden or from a reputable online flower shop in Melbourne. Needless to say, they are also skilled with plenty of practice, in the art of arranging blooms in a variety of gorgeous combinations. They know exactly what flower species are available during your wedding season and where to buy the freshest and best quality blooms. Most importantly, they know how to handle them, regardless of what the current weather condition is.

Furthermore, professionals are knowledgeable in terms of the price of every type of flower in the market, so they can provide you with advice on how you can save on your wedding flower decorations without the need to compromise on their beauty.

For instance, you should stay away from wedding dates when flowers are sold at a very high price, such as during Valentine’s Day or Christmas season. Also, try to choose flowers that are in season so you won’t run into shortages. These flowers are also offered at lower prices than those being sourced outside of your area.

Lastly, you can be creative by using potted plants that are more cost-efficient than fresh cut floral arrangements. 

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3. A Florist Can Arrange Flowers Based on Your Style and Personality

All flowers may look the same, but for long-established florists, flowers have classifications. They know how to make the floral arrangements reflect your unique personality and style. Moreover, they make sure that all wedding venue decorations and floral arrangements match the style and theme of your big day. These professionals put their heart, soul, and efforts into making your wedding flowers beautiful and unique.

Florists will do all wedding floral arrangements, such as backdrops, table centrepieces, the wedding bouquet, your bridesmaids’ bouquets, and your wedding altar. All of these can add a level of elegance to your special day. Creating elegant designs through proper flower arrangements will take a significant amount of time, experience, and knowledge – and a truly professional florist has all of these.

4. A Florist Knows How to Preserve Your Flowers After Your Wedding

If you want to preserve your bouquet after your big day, this can be done through dehydration. But this process goes beyond just pressing the flowers between the pages of books, as some brides tend to do on their own.

Ask your chosen florist if she offers such a service or if she can suggest a reliable vendor. Experienced florists won’t just expertly dry your wedding flowers, but will also put it in a stunning display for you and your partner to enjoy even when the ceremony is done.

Hire a Wedding Florist

5. A Florist Will Relieve the Stress Related to Floral Arrangements

Finally, hiring a florist for all your wedding flower arrangements will allow you to enjoy your big day. The mere idea of planning for your wedding can be very stressful, and flowers are just one of the things you have to deal with. Getting the right florist will allow you to focus on other equally essential aspects of your wedding.

Arranging flowers in a gorgeous manner is not a talent that all people have. This is a skill that will require a lot of knowledge and practice with different flower variants. Indeed, flowers can boost the appeal of your wedding ceremony, but they can also ruin it when they’re not used properly. A professional wedding florist will make sure that your favorite flowers match your wedding gown and theme, along with your style and personality. So we recommend you to hire a wedding florist and make your special day all the more beautiful.

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Victoria Whitelaw and her specialist team of stylists have over 50 years combined experience in flower design and event styling. Victoria has won many awards for her creative and stylish work. She delights in consulting personally with her clients, and translating their messages into something truly unique and special.Victoria Whitelaw’s esteemed clients include: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth’s Australian visit - Government House 2011, Coca Cola, Tom Cruise’s Australia Visit 2011, amongst others.