Wedding is a dream for everyone of us and we often dream about our dream wedding. Too much of dream, isn’t it?¬† But for brides to be, its not always a happy dream. Sometimes, it is a wedding nightmare that haunts them like anything. It may be scary(that your dress caught fire) or crazy( like you don’t remember the wedding date). They may be anything but nightmares are nightmares and you will get cold feet.


Here are the bride’s biggest wedding nightmares:

She is Not Ready on Time

You are wearing eye-liner and that messed up and ruined your look. Now you work hard again to make it perfect. Well well well, undoubtedly this is the biggest nightmare of the brides-to-be that she is not ready while all are waiting for her. The conclusion: She missed her own wedding. Perhaps not less than a nightmare!


Her Ex Creates a Mess

Everyone has some relationships in his past and that is nothing to worry about. That is not the reality though. Brides-to-be often have this nightmare about their ex creating  mess at her wedding. It is understandable as there are definitely some crazy guys on Earth.

wedding nightmares


She is Marrying the Wrong Person

This may happen if you are constantly thinking about someone or read someone’s post on Facebook late night. Some part of our brain stores the information we read before sleeping and we are most likely to dream about that person. Thus, you might marry a wrong person in your dream, sorry nightmare.


She Fell while Walking

Wearing heavily embellished outfit, so many accessories, hair accessories, heels is not easy for the brides. Thus, it becomes one of her nightmares that she fell while she was walking or dancing. This is an embarassing moment for any bride and its not her fault if she sees it as her nightmare. It indeed is.


None of Her Friends Attends Her Wedding

Every one wants his friends to be around, especially the brides because they understand, pamper and moreover make you feel special on your D-day. You crave for this importance. But what if they ditched you on your Wedding Day? If they get stuck in traffic? If they have some important work that day? Thus, this is one of the bride’s biggest nightmares.


Family Brawl at Wedding

You are having a great time at your wedding and so is your groom. Suddenly, you hear some people shouting and guess what? They are none other than your family members fighting over some stupid issue blatantly. Thank God,it was just a dream!


As you get closer to your wedding day, it happens that you see many such nightmares, maybe even worse than what I mentioned like someone kidnapping the groom or something like you have no one in your wedding.

But, don’t worry! You are not alone to experience such nightmares. There are brides galore, who experience such horrendous nightmares before their Wedding. So, take a chill pill girl!