It’s time to quirk up your wedding dress game with the new ideas of blouse back design that we recently came across. Although we end up stressing our blouse necklines and sleeves most of the time, we neglect that it’s the blouse back that’s capable of stealing a lot of recognition. It’s 2020, and out there are some great designs for you to take inspiration. This article shows some of the various styles of back neck blouse designs. You will see designs from extravagant embroideries to delicate lace patches that you can take inspiration from! 

1. Halter Neck Blouse Design

This blouse designs have a strap around the neck. It is modern and best for super cool urban ladies. This design is going to fit for a sangeet or a cocktail party. This blouse will make it easy for you to place yourself on the best-dressed list without trying too hard. Since this shows a lot of the upper back and shoulders, it allows for an incredibly sensual look!


2. The V-Back Design

This design is appropriate for almost all types of bodies. With this style, it’s hard to go wrong. It looks perfect again for women with broad shoulders because it has a slimming impact due to the style. A small variation, like incorporating a string of latkans and a broad border at the end of the blouse, can raise the whole outfit. These neck blouse back designs are everything you need to add the X factor back to your outfit!


3. Sheer Blouse Back Design

It’s one of the most versatile designs that we have on our the list. Not only can it give a sexy touch to your dress, but it’s also a rager right now. The back of the blouse is see-through on the sides of the linen. The length of the entire thing is something that you should decide. It’s more suited for evening events. So, go on flaunt your beautiful back!


4. A Cute Bow Back Design

This knotted blouse back with a bow is a great option for someone who wants to have a remarkable impression and loves to be in the limelight. The tie-up style back is a great choice if you want a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. You can either substitute it with a real knot or have a stitched bow design. The real knot stuff, however, might get out of hand if it’s not treated with care! This adorable little bow style looks super sexy and nice as well. This looks very beautiful and stunning. You will have to think twice before skipping this blouse. 


5. A Triangular Cut Design

Here’s another blouse style for those who want to flaunt their back but in a minimal way. Stun in this fashionable backless blouse design that has a triangular cut. The unique triangle cut back design offers great assistance to the boat’s front neck design. You should use a range of buttons and tassels for a distinctive feel. Any saree will look great with this blouse, but lace ones will certainly make your blouse more beautiful.


6. Mirror Work Blouse Design

It is another sensual blouse that no one can take their eyes off. This style will leave the guys speechless and leave them to fall for you. As the blouse is heavy on its own, keep your saree basic and accessories simple.



The back design you want is going to determine what you look like. Make sure you choose a design that flatters your body shape and suits your character. We’ve picked some of the new designs and patterns. However, you can tell your favorite in the comments section below.