Every wedding has multiple ceremonies or rasams. And, for every ceremony, it is not necessary to get professional makeup done. This is here where your imagination and expertise in makeup can come handy. To get a flawless look, it is important to have important beauty products that will help you get your dream Indian wedding look. 

Here, we are bringing you the six most essential beauty tools to help you do your own makeup. 

1. Primer

Follow the basic rule of makeup before doing your wedding makeup. Clean your face and add a little primer. Primer is one of the brilliant elements which serves as the base of your makeup. This helps smooth the surface of the skin, removes blemishes, keeps the skin hydrated and, in turn, prepares it for makeup. It also gives a matte texture and a subtle glow on the face. The makeup lasts without being smudged for a longer period because the makeup applied sticks well on the skin. The right choice of primers also helps to regulate and tackle dry and oily skin problems.


2. Foundation

It is important to carefully pick a foundation. Firstly, it must be as per your skin tone and, secondly, it must be a product that has been tried and tested. On your wedding day, you wouldn’t like any complications due to trying with a new foundation that you haven’t tried before. The foundation comes in cream, spray tan and other types. Choose something that always gave the best results to you. This liquid will enhance your bridal look by effortlessly mixing with the skin tone to offer a realistic and elegant feel.


3. Beauty Blender

A beauty sponge in your makeup bag is a must-have beauty item. You can’t manage to apply all of the makeup with bare hands or with a brush. You will need a beauty blender commonly recognized as a makeup sponge to balance out your makeup and mix it perfectly with your skin tone. A beauty blender provides amazing face coverage, with minimal wastage of the makeup items. You do not want to be seen in your wedding makeup portraits with smudged or light and dark spots on your face. So, you are now ready to have stunning closeup wedding makeup photos after you have finished with your makeup. 


4. Mascara

You have got beautiful eyes, so why don’t you add more volume to it with an eye mascara! No matter if you opt for fake lashes or not a few mascara swipes, it not only adds volume to your lashes but also lengthens them by adding more definition. Thus, it completes your eye makeup and highlights them. Also, to prevent the mascara from smudging and flaking, opt for waterproof mascara. 


5. Eyeshadow Palette

The look of a bride without eye shadow is incomplete. From shimmery champagnes to dark mattes, an eye shadow palette is what brings a little bit of excitement to the look of a bride. You should probably invest in 2-3 different pallet types such as a neutral tone palette of bronzes, taupe tones and neutral shades of color. Moreover, an eye shadow palette is something that every girl in her bridal makeup kit wants to have.


6. Lipstick

All of us know without the right lipstick an everyday look is incomplete. Every woman knows how vital that is. There is no question you need to have several shades that suit your face’s complexion and you can match them with various looks. 


It is a must in the trousseau of a bride. Therefore, lipstick is one of the products you really can’t live without.