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7 Amazing Things Shahid Did For Mira During Her Pregnancy

2016 was a year full of weddings and babies for the B-Town. Many celebrities including Shahid and Mira welcomed their little ones in the previous year. Everyone was quite shocked and happy when Mira's pregnancy came to light. Ever since then, people started to have a close eye on the couple.

Some of the Amazing Things Shahid Did For Mira During Her Pregnancy

Shahid and Mira were blessed with a baby girl, Misha on August 26th, 2016 and we have a list of some amazing things Shahid did for Mira during her pregnancy.

1) Announcing the BIG News

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So, before the couple decided to make it official there were a lot of speculations about them expecting a baby. Shahid announced Mira's pregnancy in the most dramatic way. He made it official in a promotional event for his movie Udta Punjab. "Daddy cool" isn't he?

2) Parenting Lessons

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The new parents Shahid and Mira started taking the parenting lessons even before Misha was born. Shahid said in an interview that he is learning parenthood from an app which Mira downloaded for him.

3) Expressing His Love

Their beautiful journey to become parents made them love and respect each other more. Shahid said in an interview that the love happened after Mira became pregnant. He accepted that the whole pregnancy process brought them closer and their relationship became even stronger.

4) Pampering the "mommy-to-be"

Shahid took the responsibility of a loving husband and father quite seriously. He pampered Mira throughout her pregnancy days. He even went to a babymoon with her wife to spend some great time with family.

5) Responsible Parents

Image Source

Being a parent is a whole lot of responsibilities and this cute couple knew it quite well. Shahid said that he does understand that being a parent isn't easy and that they were prepared for it way before Misha was born.

6) Taking Care of Mira

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Just a few months before Misha was born, Shahid took a long parental leave to stay with the mommy and to give her all the care and support. The "Udta Punjab" actor took a break from all his work and promotions and spent all his time looking after his wife.

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7) The Excitement Level

Image Source

All through this pregnancy process, Shahid seemed quite excited to take up the big responsibility coming his way. He said in a Twitter chat with fans that excited would be a huge understatement to describe his feeling as he can not wait for the baby.

These were some amazing things Shahid did for Mira during her pregnancy days, which is just so adorable. So, for all the "soon-to-be" dads out there, you can definitely learn how to take care of your wife during pregnancy, just like these amazing things Shahid did for Mira.



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