Jaimala (also known as Varmala) is one of the most important ceremonies of a traditional Hindu wedding; it marks the start of a new journey for the bride and groom. It is an age-old and important tradition to exchange garlands between the bride and groom. And, it’s always one of the greatest traditions you’ll find at an Indian wedding. Here we encourage the selection of a special varmala style for your wedding. They come in the latest designs and patterns, from bejeweled varmala designs to fresh blooms or artificial flowers. Here we make your choice easy to selecting a unique varmala design for your wedding.

1. All-Green Jaimalas

Green Varmala designs have a unique fan base. Either these are made of ferns or leaves, or certain green florals but mostly Kermit mum. It reflects natural elegance and has a very posh feel. Not only this but it also marks the passion between the couple’s freshness and honesty. It brings a rustic look. In addition, these green florals are used in different color combinations to give a flexible look to the Varmalas, making it look distinctive.


2. Orchid Jaimalas

Our modern-day couples love orchids. Orchids make the Jaimala look more off-beat and distinct from traditional marigolds and rose jaimalas. Especially the girls love orchids and nowadays it is the latest sign of passion. Orchids will ensure great pictures for you! You should pick from a number of orchid colors, with your dress and wedding decoration in mind. 


3. All-White Jaimalas

White is a peaceful color. A white jaimala looks so graceful and elegant. It can go well with any wedding dress. Mogras are perhaps the most fragrant and sweet-smelling flowers. When you include the flower in your look, it adds a naturally appealing fragrance to your skin. It certainly gives you a calm feeling all day long.


4. Artificial Flowers Jaimalas

This is made with the help of artificial flowers, as the name suggests. When your jewelry and lehngas are really heavy, you can still for this lightweight Jaimala so it is both easy and at the same time stunning. The benefit of an artificial flower made jaimala is that producing a beautiful multicolored one is very easy. So go for the whole pallet when one or two colors seem boring!


5. All-Rose Jaimalas

Roses never go out of fashion! They are the symbol of feelings and love. There’s nothing better than jaimalas made of red roses if you and your wife are total romantics. It looks pretty and luxurious.


6. Marigold Jaimalas

Yellow and orange are traditional colors of the wedding and with these bright hues, no one will ever go wrong. Marigold Jaimala looks vivid and gives your overall look a fascinating component. During Indian weddings, Genda Phool (marigolds) are very much valued. It is used in almost every event, as some sort of decoration. The color is as vivid as the sun, reflecting the joyful wedding atmosphere! 


7. Pearl Jaimalas

Pearls make anything look elegant-whether it’s a hair accessory, jewelry, kalire, or even Jaimalas. In the beginning, you can use them, go around your neck to your chest, accompanied by flowers, or use the pearls in between the flowers. They seem gracious anyhow.


Couples should definitely bookmark their favorite varmala patterns who want something special and trendy. Tell us which garland you’ll choose for your wedding in the comments section below.