Whether you’re the groom or the bride, you’re bound to face certain controversial wedding opinions. They might often agitate and irritate you but they’re inevitable and can’t be ignored.

You’ll always have some family members who will be unhappy with your choice of partner or with the arrangements. Some friends will always give you reasons why you shouldn’t ever get married. Then there will be all those distant relatives and acquaintances whom you’ll invite just for the sake of formality. They too will have an opinion about your wedding and they’ll blatantly utter something bizarre.

We’re listing here a set of such controversial wedding opinions that generally move around in weddings:

“The bride didn’t wear a red lehenga for the wedding! Well, bad luck is on its way.”

In my opinion, wearing a red lehenga for the wedding is unbelievably overrated. I agree that it is part of the tradition but if the girl wishes to wear some other color at her wedding then let her do that. She should have the freedom to wear the color she likes and in the style that she likes. Comparing that with good luck or bad luck simply exhibits your state of mind.

“Just because she is the bridesmaid, doesn’t mean that she’ll be present in all the pictures with the bride.”

Well, she can be if the bride wants her to be. Maybe she is her best friend and they have been together since elementary school. Not all friendships last that long and if they do, friends should be given equal limelight at weddings. Seeing your best friend getting marries is equivalent to seeing your sibling getting married. So, if you don’t want a picture with the bridesmaid, don’t get one clicked.

“Having an open bar is expensive and ridiculous. People should be offered alcohol on the tables during the meal. Let your guests get drunk on their own.”

Well, there’s a reason why there’s a bar counter. Not everyone present at the party drinks and often there are kids present at weddings. This is the reason why it cannot be openly served at weddings. Hence, there’s an open bar for it.

“The dance performances shouldn’t be longer than a minute. No one wishes to see how bad you dance.”

Well, some people practice day and night to get the steps right for the sangeet function. Plus, it is a wedding and not a dance reality show that everyone needs to be a critic. I just appreciate the efforts of the person performing and move on. If you’re not liking the dance, just walk out.


“People shouldn’t bring babies. No one wants to hear them cry on such an auspicious occasion.”

Only if the baby had enough sense to judge which occasion is auspicious and which isn’t, he would have kept a tab. But just because they cry anywhere and everywhere, the parents should leave them at home, unattended and starving. Or maybe the parents should sacrifice their social lives just because they have a baby. I feel the hosts shouldn’t invite such intolerant souls in the first place.


“Wedding is a party for celebrating your love. So, go big or go home.”

People generally love to compete with each other with regards to the amount of money they’ll be spending on the wedding. There are comparisons done and the party where more money was spent is considered to be the better one, even if you’re served mediocre food and the decorations are too flashy.

“Destination weddings are just sham. It is another way of spending more money.”

The place where the bride and groom wish to get married is completely entitled to their choice. We’re no one to tell them which place will be better as it’s their special day. Plus, I feel that destination weddings should be the most fun for the guests as they get to explore a new place altogether.

I feel that your wedding should only concern your happiness. People around you will have some sort of opinion. That’s inevitable. So, collect all those opinions, roll them up and throw them up in a dustbin. It is your wedding and you’ll have it your way. You can check also out these creative twists in traditions.