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Earlier weddings used to be just about the union of two individuals, but now they are more about the decoration, food, music, ceremonies and what not. A bride prepares and plans her bridal dress, jewellery, haldi, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies, so how can she forget about her grand and eye captivating entry? Well, earlier bridal entry was not in trend. But now, not only bridal entry has become trendy, but brides are getting creative to make sure that everyone not just notices her but remembers her bridal entry. So, here are some of the bridal entry ideas:

1. Entering under a Chaadar or an Umbrella

Well, this is one of the most common and traditional bridal entry ideas. It is a moment which you cannot forget. Brothers bring in their sister under a bed of flowers or phoolon ki chaadar. With a song playing in the background; probably ‘din shagna da chadya‘  or you can choose a song of your choice.  The more creative version of chaadar is floral umbrella because brides are getting super cool.

bridal entry ideas: phoolon ki chaddar or umbrella                                                                                                     Image Source

2. Enter in a Palki

A bride can enter like a queen in a beautifully embellished palki. Her brothers carrying their sister in a palki as she enters the new phase of her life. It is indeed an emotional moment for a bride and her bhai.

bridal entry ideas: in a Palki                                                                                                                 Image Source

3. Enter with parents by your side

Nothing can beat the moment when you enter with your parents by your side. What can be more beautiful than your parents holding your hands and walking you down to the mandap?

bridal entry with parents                                                                                                       Image Source

4. With your pet announcing your arrival

You have a pet and it is a part of your family, right? So, he should also be a part of your marriage. You can use him as a sign holder to announce bride’s arrival. Did you like the idea of involving your pet? I am sure this idea will look super duper cute.

bridal entry with pet                                                                                                        Image Source

5. Entering with sparklers and firecrackers

You can make a dhamakedar entry by asking your guests or friends to hold sparklers as you enter or burn phooljhadis as soon as you enter the venue. Not only will the light of the sparklers give an astounding look to the entire ambience, but would also make the celebrations all the more beautiful.

bridal entry with sparklers and fire crackers                                                                                                             Image Source

6.Entering dancing with your girl gang 

You can make all heads turn by entering in a bindass way dancing to the tunes of Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Brides these days aren’t shy, but bold, confident and happy about their special day. So ask your siblings, friends or bridesmaid to join you in your crazy entry and watch everyone jump with joy and excitement

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bridal entry with bridemaids                                                                                                                     Image Source

7. Entering on a bike with your brother

This is among the most bindaas bridal entry ideas. You can make an entry on a bike with your brother. Trust me it will be the coolest thing anyone will ever see! An entry that makes everyone stop in their tracks, as you enter the new phase

bridal entry on a bike with brother                                                                                                          Image Source

8. Kids announcing your entry

Little kids announcing the arrival of the bride will surely be a cute sight for the guests. You can even dress your niece as a flower girl, spraying petals on the floor before you take each step. Also, you can ask any kid to hold a signboard that says,”here comes the bride”. Isn’t it adorable?

bridal entry with kids announing the entry                                                                                                             Image Source

So, here were some of the most unique and interesting bridal entry ideas for an Indian bride. How are you planning to enter your wedding? If you have any other interesting ideas to share with us, please do write in the comment section below.



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