Being a Makeup Artist is like being a Mathematician. It is a very well known fact that not everyone is good at Mathematics. Similarly, not everyone can do a perfect makeup. Believe it or not, doing a perfect makeup is equally as difficult as solving a calculus problem. For you need to know the exact amount of foundation that needs to be blended so that your face gets the required finish.

This is the reason why a Makeup Artist is considered to be no less than a magician. It is because they not only enhance the features of your face but also turns a damsel in distress into an elegant dame. It is possible for everyone to know how to do perfect makeup but not everyone can be a makeup artist per se.

If you’re a makeup artist, your schedule is never your schedule. Your schedule works basis on your client’s requirements. It is also important that caffeine is your best friend because your sleep cycle is not really your sleep cycle anymore. I was once told by a renowned makeup artist that if you reach on the designated time, you’re still late. Hence, if your appointment is for 4 PM, you should reach by 3.45 PM so that if the makeup goes wrong, you still have time to wash it all and start over again.

They say that your kit defines your finesse. So, you need to make sure that it includes all the essentials. The makeup is planned according to the client’s comfort zone. Just like mathematics, you need to calculate the tone of the makeup with respect to the hairdo. If the client wants the hairdo to be simple, the makeup should stand out. If the hairdo is jazzy, the makeup needs to be toned down. Also, it is always advised to begin with skincare. I read it somewhere that it is advisable to do the eye makeup before the complexion. In this way, if there’s any fallout, it can be corrected. Generally, the sequence that is followed by many makeup artists is skin, eyes, foundation, and then end with lips.

Everyone gets to know the story of an already established makeup artist. But what about the budding makeup artists who are currently working day and night to get some sort of recognition in their respective areas? So, I got in touch with some makeup artists from different cities to get an insight into their lives and their struggles.

1) Colorkaari by Monika Shetty

Monika is a Mumbai-based makeup artist who currently works as a stylist at Dyson India. She got her Diploma in Celebrity and Bridal Hair and Makeup from Pearl Academy and everything fell into place like it was meant to be. She started off like any other makeup artist. That is, by consuming content from social media until she was inspired to pick up a brush and try something on her own. According to Monika, the main struggle that a makeup artist generally faces is the minimum wage being paid to an artist. It not only demotivates an artist who is willing to give it all but ruins the market for everybody.

2) Tanishka Chaudhry

Tanishka Chaudhry is a Delhi-based certified makeup artist who started doing makeup professionally right after her graduation. Tanishka started off after seeing Aakriti Kochar’s profile on Instagram, as it inspired her to do something similar. Apart from Aakriti, Tanishka wishes to follow the footsteps of MUAs like Pooja Khurana, Mickey Contractor, and Blue Rose Artistry. According to Tanishka, the major struggle for any MUA is getting the makeup right. From choosing a shade that matches the skin type to choose the perfect color that will enhance the client’s features.

3) Makeup Vault By Juhee Gulati

Juhee Gulati is a Ludhiana-based makeup artist who started off her career as an MUA in the year 2016. Her dream is to build a brand that not only establishes her but empowers women. She started off by doing makeup for her closed friends. Further, the referrals passed on and her mindful work gained recognition in her area.  YouTuber Nikki de Jager has been her all-time inspiration. According to Juhee, the biggest struggle an MUA faces is to meet the expectations of the client as there are times when even doing rigorous work doesn’t impress them.

4) Makeup by Maithri

Maithri is a Bangalore-based makeup artist who started off her career 4 to 5 years ago. She has a Diploma in Apparel Design and Fashion Technology. Before starting off, Maithri read about this field, did proper research on every product, learned how to use them, all the related tips and tricks, etc. According to Maithri, the struggle that an MUA faces is making a client believe in their work because often they see something on the Internet and want something exactly like that but they forget that many times it’s not just makeup but Photoshop as well.

Just like these, you’ll come across many struggling MUAs waiting for the right opportunity or the right platform. So, next time when you get your makeup done, just ask your MUA how her day has been so far and you’ll get a gist of what it is like to be an MUA.

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