Walking to the stage, wearing the prettiest lehenga, the groom waiting with a smile on his face, happy to see you dressed up for him is the dream of almost every girl. So, when it comes to planning the wedding you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Keeping a watch on the smallest of details is important and so you put your best foot forward and start the work.

From the best outfits for every function to matching jewelry to makeup bookings and gift shopping, there is so much to take care of. Time flies faster than normal and planning well is important to get everything done on time. While you get yourself busy with the long list of work, you might miss some small but important tasks for your special day. This might include a few jewelry, gifts, or makeup additions. One such task is good research to know the latest trends for decoration, fashion, menu, Mehendi designs, gifting items that go well these days along with other things.


This also includes the makeup tutorials, so that you can choose the style that suits you the best. If you have good homework done, you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. Just show what you want to your stylist and it will all be done. And here the most important part is the lip color. So, here is a guide for wedding day lip color matching the wedding lehenga!

Guide for Perfect Wedding Day Lip Color

Brown and Pink with Red Lehenga

Red lehenga is the ultimate favorite of every bride but as you choose to go with this bright and dark shade, it is important to style it well. From your jewelry to your makeup, you need to keep everything simple and balance it out well with the heavy outfit. So, a brown or forever favorite pink lip shade can do wonders here.

Nudes with Pastel Lehengas


Nude lipstick can never go wrong. It is simple and classy and a perfect combination with any color outfit. But for your pastel shade lehengas, the nude shade can help you get the natural princess look.

Classy with Red Shades

As you choose classy dark or lighter shade lehengas and want to still have a heavy look, go for the red lipstick. It is sizzling and hot, making you look like the perfect modern yet traditional bride.

Unconventional Designs


For the unconventional white, black, and unique modern lehengas, you need to choose the makeup that balances well. So, it is best to go for nudes and deep brown shades for mint, dark green purple, and blue lehengas.

Daytime and Nighttime

One very important aspect of your makeup has to be the occasion and the time. The nighttime functions can be well suited with dark shades but the afternoon or morning ceremonies go well with your nudes and lighter shades.

These are some tips you might want to upgrade your knowledge with for your special day. Along with these, you can find a lot more information all over the internet along with some good fashion and styling magazines. So, before you book a makeup artist for all your wedding ceremonies and decide on the dress, make sure they know what will suit you the best and what goes well with the outfit. You definitely do not want to commit a blunder on your big day.

So, search well and then choose the best lipstick shade. Hope this guide will be helpful in making your decision!