Wedding speeches in certain cultures are a crucial part of a wedding. They are often a lovely combination of emotions and fun. Other times, they are formal. The original meaning of it is a toast to the newlywed couple to signify the wishing of good health and good luck to their marriage.

The main purpose, besides this, is to entertain and astonish the guests. Usually, wedding speeches fill the gap between the formal wedding and the onset of the reception. These speeches are officially given by a few people, but others do join in, whenever they feel like. Overall, it is an extremely joyful environment. 

Wedding speeches are often given by different people. The majority of the points to include are as follows. You must introduce yourself, then move on to how you know the bride and groom. Furthermore, you must share your memories with them that you hold dearly. Finally, you move on to wishing them a happy married life and congratulate their wedding.

Bride & Groom

As the main attraction of the wedding, your speeches must make everyone feel special. Thank everyone who has come as a guest. Thank your best man and maid of honor. Thank your wedding planners, caterers, etc. for helping to put together the wedding. Moreover, thank everyone who couldn’t make it for their wishes. 

Finally, after the gratitude, move on to speaking about how you met the love of your life, how special you felt, how you know that he/ she was the one for you. End the speech on a happy note with your favorite memory as a couple and a promise to always cherish it. 

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Bride & Groom’s Fathers

As a father, start by saying how proud and happy you are that your child has married their love. Moreover, speak about your child when they were little, reveal small happy memories that you love, and reminisce. Move on to thanking the guests and the in-laws. Welcome your new son or daughter-in-law to the family.

These speeches are usually very emotional and heartwarming. Some fathers also prefer to end their wedding speeches on a humorous note while others stick to the emotions. 

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Maid of Honor

First of all, introduce yourself. Moreover, thank the bride for choosing you as her Maid of Honor. Tell her how gratified you are. Furthermore, talk about how you met her, what memories you both have shared. Make it humorous and a tad bit emotional. Speak about how you met the groom, through the bride. Share the memories you have of them as a couple. Move on to engaging the audience and ask them to speak. Finally, end with a quote or a happy memory and congratulate them for their wedding, wishing them a happy life ahead. 

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Best Man

The best man speeches are usually funny and light to set a loving atmosphere around. Talk about how you two became friends, what bonded you together. Move on further by telling everyone how you met the bride and what you thought of them. Share happy memories with the couple, crack a few jokes, engage the audience. Finally, thank everyone for attending and being there. Moreover, end with a quote or a heartfelt warm desire to wish them an extremely happy married life. 

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After all of these speeches, everyone links their glasses symbolizing the completion of the respective toasts. This clinking of glasses signifies the warding off of evil and bad spirits which may be present to bring bad doing to a couple.

Moreover, the completion of this ceremony signifies the onset of the wedding reception!