Wedding stationery is quite a recent concept in Indian weddings. Stationery as such included invites and thank you cards, but now it has evolved to something much more. From bridesmaid proposal cards to favour tags, a lot of new elements have cropped with respect to stationery. Here, we have tried to cover some of the more unique items of stationery.

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Wedding Planner/Journal

You may see no need for a planner when everything is digitised and on the cloud now. But if you are someone who is enamoured by the charm of pen and paper, then you must get a wedding planner. This is not only for planning and jotting down numbers and creating mood boards but also can be used as a record of your entire wedding planning. Years later, this will serve as a memoir to this very special part of your life. 


Bridal Folder

By the time you get through the planning and booking vendors stage, you will end up with more contact cards and receipts than you know what to do with. A folder such as this can be a safe place to put all of that in. With one place for everything, it is not going to get lost, and you know where to look for when you need something urgently. Just ensure that you buy one which can easily fit into your handbag.



Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

If you want to make the event of asking your bridesmaids a little more special, then a card is a cute way to do it. This is especially sweet if they live away from you. Sending an invite will make them feel more loved than a call or text. There are a lot of cute card designs online which you can print out, or you can even design your card on several online platforms. 

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Place Cards

Place cards are kept to indicate your place, and they are sometimes combined with the favour cards. Along with this are the cards that show the table numbers. This is optional as, given the high number of guests at Indian weddings, place settings are challenging to achieve. 

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Invitation Inserts

Along with your invitation, there may be some additional information that you want your guests to know but do not want it to be crammed on to the invitation cards. This is where the invitation inserts come to play. You can use them to give directions, venue information, dressing etiquette if there is any and so on. You can also leave a contact number there which the guests can contact in case of any query. 

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Favour Tags

As the name suggests, favour tags are those which are attached to the wedding favours. They can have a simple thank you with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. If you have a limited number of guests, then you can have the names printed out to make it more personalised. 

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Thank You Cards

They are usually sent to the guests in order to thank them for their presence at the wedding. In addition to that, special thank you cards can be sent to your bridesmaids and others who were intimately involved in organising the event. You can also send them out to the wedding vendors and planners. Keep in mind that these cards have to be sent out at least within three months of your wedding; otherwise they lose their relevance, and you run the risk of appearing rude. 


We hope that we have given you a broad outlook on what wedding stationery involves. Have fun picking out cute cards and pretty tags!