A destination wedding has become quite mainstream now and a lot of couples are choosing to have one. But before you fall for the charm of beachside or a palace wedding, there are some things to consider, the most important of which is the cost.
Here, we have some factors to consider and tips to follow before going the destination wedding way.

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Choose The Right Venue

Choose a venue that you actually like, don’t blindly go for popular options such as Goa or Udaipur. India is a country with a large number of exotic locations perfect for holding a wedding. Some lesser popular areas like Mussoorie, Rishikesh, and Kumarakom are a visual treat. By choosing an unconventional option, you also bring down the overall cost significantly. 

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Other things to consider is the accessibility of the destination and accommodation facilities which are available there. It is advisable to travel there in advance to check everything out in person. 

Timing Is Crucial

If you are opting for a wedding during the peak season you may be able to see the destination in all its beauty. But, the downside is that there will be a lot of tourists and also the costs are going to be very high. By having the event in the months of October to February, you can avail a number of generous offers and save on hotel tariffs. 

Another factor to consider is the weather in the area. For example, if it is a hill station avoid months of peak winter. You don’t want your guests shivering in the snow, do you? 

Limited Guest List

The whole point of choosing a destination wedding is to have a private and intimate ceremony. You get to have a beautiful ceremony in a splendid location and enjoy these very special days with your inner circle without having the hassle of handling thousand-odd guests. Also, at a destination wedding, managing the guests, their transport, stay, and everything else becomes many times more difficult. So, do not go for a destination wedding if you are expected to invite everyone that you and your family know.

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Once you have pinned down your guest list, inform them of the tentative date because a destination wedding will require a little more advance planning on their end. Try and give them as early notice as possible. 

Find The Right Wedding Planner

Having the right planner becomes all the more crucial when you have a destination wedding because it is a foreign location that you have very limited knowledge about. While online reviews and ratings are well and good, nothing beats trusted word of mouth. If you know anyone who has had an event in the same destination, make an effort to contact them. When you do so, ask whatever queries you have, do not limit yourself to asking about the wedding planner. 



Doubles As A Honeymoon Destination

If it is a location that you love and want to explore, then you can choose to honeymoon there. You may not have been able to experience everything the location has to offer. Honeymooning gives you ample opportunity to do the same. Also, you can avoid the hassle of packing up and catching a flight immediately after the ceremony is over. 

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Unforgettable Experience

A destination wedding is sure to have a special place in everyone’s heart. The stories, both the good ones and the mishaps will be recounted for a long time to come. This also gives you a lot of space to bring your creative ideas to life and experiment with many new trends. 

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We hope that we have given you an overall outlook on a destination wedding in India. Here is wishing that you have a smashing wedding wherever you choose to have it.