Destination wedding in India

Are you looking for a wedding idea that is unique, yet economic? Have you always craved for a wedding like that of a royal family? If your answer to these questions is yes then you need to pack your bags for your big day.

Getting your wedding done in a palace has always been a girl’s childhood dream. Why not live it?

Destination wedding is a major trend that is worth the hype. A mini-vacation like wedding ceremony is loved by all. From the guests to the friends, from family to your to-be-family, from bride to the groom, everyone enjoys it.

This new generation does not need hundred unknown people to rob the caterers but need people who are close to their heart. You can live that fairy tale without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wedding in a Palace:

1. Orchha Resort:

Life is full of surprises and this palace in Jhansi, India is the one for you.

Orchha is a perfect destination for an economic palace wedding. It’s a resort by the river Betwa which offers this heritage India experience. It has 36 rooms in total and can house around 100 people at the venue. The hotel has a fair price for a wedding which is inclusive of the entire hotel (rooms, halls, lawns, swimming pool and the riverside of the Betwa.

Place for destination wedding

Get your pre-wedding photo shoots done near the river Betwa. The astonishing sunset and sunrises will be a perfect background for your wedding pictures.

Meanwhile, if you are someone with busy schedule then we have something for you too.

2. NeemRana Fort:

This place near Delhi is perfect for a royal wedding!

No matter which religion you belong to. You just name it and they will serve you the same.Get those Shehnai and flutes in the background during your phehras. This palace have their destination in major cities like Jodhpur, Gujarat, Nainital, Patiala and so many more.

Moreover, a road trip to Rajasthan is preferred by all of us. Exploring the history and the culture is always in our mains.

“The city of lakes”, “The pink city” and The blue city” together, provide us a treasure of destinations for wedding.

3. Samode Palace:

Situated in Jaipur, multi year old Samode Royal residence guarantees that any festival experience goes on for a lifetime. Customers can have a fantasy wedding at this spot. It has been a host to eminence, famous people and specialists. The wedding visitors can have mixed drink on patio garden going with the society performers or appreciate spa treatments. They can likewise swim free marble pool.

Wedding Destination in Samode palace

There are 43 spaces for visitors. The rooms are carefully and sumptuously outfitted. Eating eatery offer Asian and European sustenance. The royal residence can be uniquely requested for weddings. The customers can pick any subject and where their style is traditional or strange, formal or causul, Samode Royal residence dependably lives upto the desires.

4. Hyderabad palace:

“The city of pearls” provides you the best of jewellery, dresses and food as well.

Extraordinary accommodation by the Taj Gathering. In-house occasions group. You can have a little wedding gathering in the royal residence itself. For huge weddings, and in excess of 100 visitors, you can search for the four other Taj properties – Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, Taj Deccan and Vivanta by Taj and have an issue free festival and the advantages of a goal wedding.

Place for destination wedding

Hyderabad additionally gives some superb choices for pre-wedding photo shoots – like the Golconda fortification, Yacht club and so forth.

Place for destination wedding

These arrangements can blow up anyone’s mind. Let the bride and groom enjoy their day and have great food and pictures at these destinations.

However, if you’re someone who wants to party hard with your friends and cousins then we have a destination for you too. An exotic destination like the beaches, where the ceremony backdrop is the crashing waves, the beach vibes, and the cool, multiple hues, makes the wedding a memorable one. A small gathering of your loved ones and family members far from the hustle bustle of the cities is quite a peaceful moment for you.

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Wedding on a Beach:

1. Zeebop by the sea:

Grab your beer bottles as you are stepping in Goa for your Big Day. This resort in Goa gets the decoration done, the way you wish.

Place for destination wedding

There are two event areas, with easy beach access. One area is an open sandy strip which can accommodate up to 100 guests, while the other one has a capacity of 300 guests. The bigger area is usually the one used for hosting weddings. Both areas can also be merged for a larger get together of up to 400 people. With all this offered, you can say a Zeebop Goa Wedding is incredible fun!

Place for destination wedding

The lovely decoration of real flowers will bloom your day perfectly. And, we all know how Goa pictures flood Instagram.

So, pack your bags wedding crew as will live your dreams with us!

2. Houseboat  Wedding:

Were you a mermaid fan in your childhood? If you want a wedding that calms you down then the Houseboat wedding is definitely the one for you. Staying and unwinding in a houseboat sounds fantastic, isn’t that so? Presently, envision getting married with your loved one and making your lifetime pledges in one. Set in the midst of waters, far from the buzzing about, a houseboat wedding is a perfect kind to have a shower festivity with your dear ones!

You can book an exceptional wedding houseboat, which has vast floors and can suit your dear loved ones well. A houseboat wedding is doubtlessly a one of a kind encounter, which would be recalled always, by you both, yet in addition by your visitors!

On the off chance that you don’t have a craving for having the whole wedding on the houseboat, you can likewise book it just for one function, and have the remainder of the occasions at the backwaters.

Place for destination wedding

This houseboat in night will set a perfect moment in the night for your dream night. These houseboats can be found in Kerala, India. Meanwhile, Srinagar has this perfect romantic wedding destination too but only in summers.

If you are someone who would love to start the adventure of the wedding vibes with some adventurous activities. Make a visit to Andaman for these lovely sights.

3. Wedding in Andaman:

If you are planning a Wedding in the Andaman Islands, the first thing to consider is the natural theme and pristine beaches with turquoise water. The Beaches are clean and areas attached to resorts are secluded. One of the most appealing things about a beach wedding is the relaxed atmosphere. Imagine yourself standing with your special one on the white sandy beach enjoying the sea breeze.

Place for destination wedding

Imagine your sangeet with this lovely sunset in the background. Awe-inspiring, right?

Another territory for the pearly wedding is Daman and Diu.

4. Wedding in Daman and Diu:

Get your family to a resort in Daman , enjoy the breezes and have fun on those lovely, clean beaches. Daman brings you a location with less population and mini-Goa vibes. Resorts in Daman are fantastic and the people there, are cooperating too. Having a location near to Gujarat, you can have lovely Gujarati work dresses and jewellery. If your wedding date is closer to Navratri season then you will experience the magic in the air of Gajarat and Daman.

Place for destination wedding

These elegant decoration with a touch of simplicity are impeccable . And you definitely do not need to worry about anything for your special festive vibes. Destination weddings are the new big trend to happen to Indian weddings. Set your own statement style in this storm.

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