Lapeer Unisex Salon

Lapeer Unisex Salon

“Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.”  –  Bobbi Brown

Looking perfect on your wedding day is what every person wishes for. Wedding makeup is a great way of expressing yourself in the most attractive, elegant and appealing way for your special occasion.Lapeer Unisex Salon promises bridal makeover and different styles and looks for all your events and ceremonies.

We all know, D-day does not have re-takes, so you should look the best on your special day.

Types of Service

Bridal Standard Hair style and Makeup;Complete Bridal Body Makeover Package;Groom Standard Hair style and Face services Package;Complete Groom Makeover Package;Airbrush Makeup;Skin Treatment;Nail Art and Tattoo;Dress Draping and Fitting;Pedicure and Manicure

Details of Hair Services

Bollywood Hair Styles

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Details of Make Up

Natural Clean Makeup, Smokey Eye Make up, Glamorous Matte Make up, As recommended by Professional

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Years in Business

1 Month

Brands Used

MAC,Krylon,Inglot,INOA,O3,Shwarzkopf,Wella,Loreal,Lotus,Casmara ,Kiana,Gk,Ricca

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Paid trial

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