Bride’s sister is surely the third most important person in a wedding after the bride and the groom. She is the most important person in the bride’s life (who can be more important than a sister?) as well as groom’s life (just one word, saali!). Choosing so many outfits is definitely not an easy task as after the main couple, all the eyeballs are on bride’s sister.

The Bride’s Sister..

So here are a few options which you can don on your sister’s wedding so that you can catch all the attention.

1) Off beat coloured lehengas

I genuinely think dark colours look way too elegant. People might be skeptical for black colour but you can always opt for some dark colours. No one can ever look bad in dark colours. If you are the sister of the bride, you can go for offbeat colors such as dark browns, bottle green, purple and even black and totally rock it. You will stand out of the crowd and look absolutely stunning. With such heavy lehenga, go for some light makeup and jewellery.


2) Lehengas with long jacket

This style is all the rage this season. This dress is loved for it’s looks as well as it’s reusability. You can wear this outfit on your sister’s wedding and you can also don it on for your best friend’s wedding. If your wedding is next on cards, you can also wear it in any small function at your wedding. Another very similar outfit is Anarkali lehenga or Lacha. It looks amazing on every body type and size. The best part is that it costs much less than a normal heavy lehenga. This is a tried and tested wedding outfit option. You can always go for these dresses.

bride's sister


3) Cape style lehengas

The best part about capes is that you can style it in any way you want. From off shoulders to sheer waist down capes, you have dozens of options to choose from. According to your style, choose what looks best on you. This is one trend which is definitely a go to this wedding season. You can don on cape styled lehengas for the mehendi and sangeet function and if the look is a bit heavier, you can surely wear this during the pheras.

4) Pastel coloured lehengas

These days, pastel shaded lehengas are in fashion and loved by everyone. The elegance of pastel colours is surely cannot be matched. Colours in the shades of baby bink, powder blue, soft yellows are something ladies are gaga over this wedding season. These days, brides too are opting for a pastel shaded lehengas but however they look more radiant and fun when someone who is free and jumping around the entire wedding place wears it, that is, a sister-of-the-bride.

5) Princess like gowns

Crazy over those fairy like gowns? Why not finish your wait and wear one on your sister’s wedding? These amazingly beautiful princess like gowns are the perfect dress for your sister’s reception night or the cocktail party. These dresses are going to catch all the eyeballs and I am cent percent sure about that. Go for some elegant earrings with a pair of sexy pumps.


6) Neon/bright coloured lehengas

The bright coloured lehengas can never go out of fashion. Even if you go for a simple lehenga with a contrasting border, it will look stunning. You can wear this if there is a day time wedding and if not and still you love these colours, you can choose them for haldi ceremony as the bride’s sister has got to get all the attention after the bride, in all the functions.

You see, it is surely not an easy task for a bride’s sister to choose her outfits as she has got to catch the eyeballs. She is indeed the third most important person in a wedding after the bride and the groom. Go for the best dress that suits you and carry it in the most elegant manner.