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Best Foot Jewellery For Brides Who Are Planning to Get Married Soon

Looking your best at your own D-day is an enormous task for all the brides. The most important aspect is to look out for amazing, bold and best of things to dress yourself for your D-day. Dresses are important of course but as an Indian bride, your jewellery is as essential. Every piece of jewellery, be it a simple nath or your neck piece, they increase your charm. While much of your jewellery is visible, there are some that are hidden yet enhances the charm of your complete bridal ensemble. Beneath those heavily flared lehengas hidden are those beautiful foot jewellery for Brides.


Till now you may have guessed that today my agenda will be to make it easier for you to look out for the best foot jewellery for Brides-to-be to dazzle your feet.

Toe Rings

While one talks of foot jewellery the first aspect that comes to our mind is “payal” or anklets. But we have another one that looks as gorgeous as anklets. They are toe rings or “bichhiya” which is as symbolic and as important as every other bridal jewellery. They are small metal bands or rings worn on toes of both feet which symbolizes your marriage. Essentially made of silver, you can go for varied other options including KUNDAN or MEENAKARI pairs.

Encrusted ones, usually with pearls or stones looks gracious and vibrant.

Even statement jewellery includes a toe ring.

You can also go for simple toe rings and tier them into your toe to make your own style.

Before going on to another option for foot jewellery for brides, this piece of your ensemble has medicinal benefits as well. It regularizes your menstrual cycle and balances your uterus. Another benefit is that being made of metal, it absorbs positive energy from the Earth, so keeps you full of energy.


As I have already told payal is an important aspect of your bridal jewellery. A payal or anklets is a traditional piece worn around the ankles which usually announces the arrival of the brides into her new life with her husband. It signifies the arrival of the bride into her husband’s house with the jingling sounds of “ghunghroos”.

 You can pick out your favorite from many options with infinite designs. But there are some that took my breath away with their simplicity, elegance, and beauty. And as usual, takes your style quotient to a whole another level. Here are some options that you can obviously go for while choosing your foot jewellery.

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You can go for a classic and traditional “pajebs”. This foot piece will be sure to catch everyone’s attention and create that noise.

If gold match your dress you can go for gold anklets keeping the bling.

There is another option of antique silver anklets that compliments your minimal mehendi.

Tiered anklets in all sorts, be it kundan or silver making your foot look beautiful and stylish.

Foot jewellery for brides can be twisted and be given a modern look some unconventional use of pompoms, real flowers, beady strings and tribal designs. They are innovative and quirky bringing out your bold side.


Last one but not the least amongst all foot jewellery for brides includes the sandal anklets or the thong anklets which unlike the traditional ones cover your entire foot. They are different yet pretty.

Unfortunately, these foot jewellery for brides are hidden, but you can give them their limelight. I am sure by now you have many options to choose from and I hope that you choose the best suitable. Just be sure to get your wedding photographer to click an awesome picture of you adorning it.



Srishti Agarwal

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