The wedding outfit plays a major role in uplifting your overall look, be it lehenga,saree or any other outfit. But  just selecting a ravishing outfit is not enough to look gorgeous on all your wedding ceremonies. Your hairstyle is equally important as it can make or mar the look.


Here are the hairstyles to match with your lehenga in different occasions of your wedding:

Loose Bun

I know you are feeling like ‘We already know about buns’. Its not about that typical bun that brides used to wear. Nowadays, there are various ways to make a bun to stand out. Loose buns look sassy and if it is low, you can experiment with flowers too. You can sport your bun with wavy side bangs.


Wavy open Hair

Wavy open hair is the choice of the women who want to keep up with the trends. Front-parted hair with curls looks extremely elegant and sophisticated when carried with lehenga-choli. The hair has to be loosely curled from the end. Add a maang tikka to enhance the look and to make it look fantastic.


Messy Side Bun

Messy bun looks stunning and stylish. If you plan to do something experimental, opt for messy bun. You must have seen how beautiful and sexy Deepika Padukone looks when she does messy bun. All you need to do is make the messy bun in one of the side.


Loose Romantic Braid

Braids are the not only beautiful but can spice up the otherwise boring hairstyles and make you look like a fairy. Loose braids is fresh and alomng with that soft wavy curls add romantic appearance to the lehenga. It is good for light occasions like Sangeet, Mehendi  in which you can be comfortable as your hair wont irritate you while you dance.


Traditional Gajra Bun

If you dont want to experiment with your hairstyle and want to experience the typical bun that brides wear on their Wedding Day, go for it. The Gajra looks oh so beautiful and moreover its fragrance will keep your hair smelling fresh.


Straight hair

You may think that straight hair is boring for the wedding occasion but believe it or not but the women in sleek straight hairstyle look adorable. The heavy lehenga gets balanced by the simple sleek hairstyle that adds elegance to the look.


Side swept Curls

Side swept curls are a very good option for engagement ceremony. It is not necessary to look like a traditional dulhan. Opt for side swept hairstyle to add a touch of modernity to the look. The curls look very good and light.


Lehenga is important no doubt but you look drop dead gorgeous when your hairstyle matches with your lehenga. By now,I hope you know the options you have in your wedding apart from the traditional bun hairstyle that most of the women thought to be the only option they have. Ditch the mundane and ordinary and try the unconventional ones and nail the overall look with your hairstyle.