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While your wedding outfits are always in the limelight, don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear too! For all your wedding functions, be it mehendi/cocktail/wedding or even reception, you’ll be walking and running here and there for various reasons. So it’s best to opt for a footwear (heels) that you feel comfortable in. From sky high heels to sleek and strap patterns to some flats, there’s a lot to choose from, for your walking to the aisle pair. Scroll down to have a look on high heels for brides to be:

10 Best High Heels for Brides to Add in their Shoe Closet

Check the best high heels which are ideal for Brides-to-be –

1) Pumps


Image Source: JSK Photography

Go for pump heels if you want to add an extra 3-4 inches to make you look taller. These can be your ideal wedding heels if heels are what you want to flaunt on your big day. Typically low cut around the front and for the comfort level (out of 5), we say 3!

2) Stilettos


Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Considered as the queen of all the high heels, you can attain any height you wish to. Yes, they aren’t really that comfy and I am being brutally honest about it but if you want that sassy bride look, you gotta have these classy shoes on! Also, if your stilettos are peep-toes do make sure you have the right pop of colour on your toenails which would inevitably be peeping out. Comfort level (out of 5),  we say 2!

3) Ankle Strap Heels

ankle strap heels

Image Source: Karan Siddhu Photography

The best part about these heels is the fact that it has a strap which goes around the ankle thus making the heels way more safe and comfortable to walk in. Comfort level (out of 5),  we say 4! Yay. Bonus points for comfy straps.

4) Wedges


Image Source: Morvi Images

If high pencil heels are not your thing and you don’t even feel at ease with a strap around, go for wedges. They come in various sizes. The brownie points about wedges is the thick part of the shoe under the sole that makes the heels all the more comfortable. Comfort level (out of 5),  we say 4!

5) Kitten Heels

kitten heels

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

If comfort is your first priority, you can always go for the kitten heels. Not only do they look cute but also they make sure that you are up on your feet as long as you want to and not make you feel even the slightest bit tired. With a comfort level of 5 out of 5 (yes, you read it right).

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There are a lot of options and most of the time, we end up picking heels for our wedding functions. Be it kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, ankle strap heels, wedges, don’t we fancy them all? I know I do and I will make sure that this blog has the same magical effect on you as well. And if you’re wondering what kind of heels you should opt for, today I am just going to talk about them and their comfort quotient. Here are the few examples of types of high heels for brides-to-be that you can wear on your wedding day with a good comfort level.

heelsStilettos with a statement diamond buckle

heelsThis bride’s got wings and her wings are bejewelled

high-heels for brides-to-beWith multiple pearl strands hanging from a floral lace

heelsSquare shaped sequins on peach stilettos

high-heels for bride-to-beThe studded heels with tribal prints

Luckily, there’s a new trend brewing the bridal industry, one that actually has nothing to do with dresses: Designers are releasing shoe collections meant to go with whatever you’re planning to wear on your wedding day but that can also be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. You do know that every inch of your wedding ensemble is going to be clicked right? So why not bring in a little bit of the fun element? If you aren’t the conventional bride, I have just the right pair of heels for you. You can get the soles etched with cute messages, have them photographed and always keep them as mementoes just the way this real bride did. So, At which pair are you eyeing, ha?

Which one will you be flaunting on your big day? Tell us in the comments below!