Best Inexpensive honeymoon destinations

So you are done with the wedding nuances, booked the caterers, called all the long lost relatives, bought your lehenga, and matching sandals. Well then now it’s time for honeymoon planning, and we at Wedamor, being helpful as ever, are here with some amazing, exquisite, beautiful, and cheap destinations. Here are our best inexpensive honeymoon destinations. 

Malaysia – Truly Asia

Pristine beaches, breathtaking islands, a rich tapestry of culture & history, world-class modern facilities and a fascinating collection of flora & fauna would delight you on your honeymoon to Malaysia.
And while you’re there, try night time diving, island hopping, jungle trekking or water sports with your beloved. Laze around on the idyllic beaches &  shop till you drop. Couples can enjoy the exhilarating cable car all the way to Gunung Mat Cincang.

The package won’t cost more than 1-1.2 lac per couple, and there’s Visa on Arrival.

Dubai – The Center of Now

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Yes, budget shopping, budget food, budget sports, budget water parks and well, budget belly dancing!  Dubai is heaven-sent for budget honeymooners.
Enjoy with the playful dolphins, explore the sparkling city on foot by strolling down the spick and span walkways hand in hand with your spouse, devour the fresh seafood, zesty salads and yum desserts, ride the camels, shake it and shake it some more with belly dancers, play golf, visit the archipelago of man-made islands, shop till you drop, gaze at the garishness of the world’s tallest towers or float over’em in hot-air balloons, enjoy the musical fountains and the gorgeous fireworks, go on a desert safari or get glitzy and glittery at Gold Souk in Dubai. 

Honeymoon Dubai

Honeymoon Dubai

Packages are available from 1~1.5 lac per couples
Bhutan – Spreading Happiness

This country of rolling hills and towering crags certainly exudes charm. The mountains are magnificent, the forest is dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure, the architecture inspiring, the religion exciting and the art superb.
Like timeless images from the past, the traveler encounters the full glory of this ancient land through its strategic fortresses known as Dzongs, numerous ancient temples, monasteries and stupas which dot the countryside, prayer flags which flutter along the high ridges, wild animals which abound in dense forests, foamy white waterfalls which are the ethereal showers, and the warm smile of its friendly people.

best inexpensive honeymoon destinations
It’s cost around 70k – 1 lac per couple

Budapest, Hungary – Indulging Extravagance

Looking for a destination loaded with fun, nightlife, sightseeing & yet is cultural & historical? Head with your love to Budapest.
A couple can stroll to the garden of Szent Park along the fountains & roses bushes or adventure love at Clark Adam Ter in tea time or Castle hill at dinner time. Plus, the city has great shopping malls and world-class restaurants.

It would cost around 1 – 1.5 lac per couple

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Maldives – Get lost in time

A land where the crystal clear waters kiss everything in sight, this one is gaining in popularity by and by making it our last among them in our best inexpensive honeymoon destinations. Making headway among the top favorite budget honeymoon destinations in the international category, this one shall take your breath away.
Okay, not like your spouse does, not even close! But you got to give the island a chance on
 the other list! While we are all for relaxing and lazing away on this gorgeous island, there’s a lot more on the island’s kitty!

Inexpensive Honeymoon

Honeymoon Maldives

Packages start around 80K -1.2 lac per couple.

And these folks are our top picks for best inexpensive honeymoon destinations. These are economical and cheap honeymoon destinations for anyone wanting to go outside India. If you seem to have an addition or any doubts, please do contact us.