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pre-wedding shoot dresses

There is no denying that pre-wedding shoots are absolutely trendy and fun to have. They’re an enjoyable affair that captures memories for a couple in a beautiful setting. For a bride-to-be, the first question that strikes her mind while preparing for a pre-wedding shoot is about what she should wear. And there is no limit to the options of outfits that are available. Every bride understands the importance of this shoot, because of which this decision becomes crucial. Be it pre-wedding photography or videography, that shoot tells a story about the couple and how they really are. That’s why here is a list of trendy and stunning pre-wedding shoot dresses that you can take ideas from while deciding on your outfit.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Dresses

Here are some of the best pre-wedding shoot dresses that you can take ideas from while deciding your outfits:

1) A Sundress

pre-wedding shoot dresses

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An all-time favourite of brides, this is the best outfit for a summer pre-wedding shoot. A short sundress looks beautiful and cute and should be your pick if you are extremely confused about what you should go for. Being an evergreen option, you’re sure to get amazing pictures.

2) A Patiala Suit

pre-wedding shoot dresses

A beautiful Patiala with paranda braid is your pick for the perfect Punjabi look. This will not only to impress your husband-to-be but is also suitable for stunning pictures in a farm or open woods setting. This can be your choice for a theme based pre-wedding shoot.

3) A Gown

pre-wedding shoot dresses

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Give a royal and exquisite touch to your pre-wedding shoot by wearing a gown that flayer with the light breeze. This is one gorgeous piece of clothing that you can choose to create memories in.

4) A Saree

pre-wedding shoot dresses

Hands down, one of the best outfits, this is a gift by fashion to the world. Traditional, or modern, a saree of any style draped in any way will give the perfect look for your pre-wedding shoot.

5) Maxi Dress

pre-wedding shoot dresses

A classy and elegant outfit, Maxi Dresses will give a sleek, slim look. You can choose from the variety of designs; plain, patterned or floral.

6) Casual Wear

If you’re dodging formal wear since you feel like you’re already wearing a lot of heavy gowns and lehengas for the wedding, you can go for a casual look. Pair your jeans with a fancy top, or matching t-shirt/jersey with your husband-to-be and have a fun and candid shoot.

7) Cocktail Dress

pre-wedding shoot dresses

A short cocktail dress, either A-line or with a skater skirt, this is a classy and gorgeous pick for an outfit for the shoot. You can pair it with high heels and bracelets to complete the look.

8) A High-Low Dress

pre-wedding shoot dresses

A very elegant and trendy choice, high-low dresses have always been totally in fashion and can be synced with bangles or glasses. This gives a really simple and subtle look.

9) A High Waist Skirt

pre-wedding shoot dresses

Pair a high waist straight or skater skirt with a crop top for a cute and preppy outfit. This will give a sweet and fun look for your shoot.

10) A Lehenga

pre-wedding shoot dresses

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And of, course, you can either get a light lehenga or wear the lehenga you selected for your D-Day as the outfit for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Your beau can wear his sherwaani and you both can have fun on your shoot.

Have some more outfit ideas in mind? Let us know about your choices for pre-wedding shoot dresses down in the comment section.

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