Weddings are one of the most beautiful unions of two people which is attended by family, friends, and relatives. The marriage function is fun and exciting because of the people who attend it. These guests take out time which is so precious in today’s century and attend your celebration and be a part of your happiness. These people are here at your wedding to shower you with love and blessings and that is why your guestlist holds a very important place. It is a ritual in our country where we treat the guests as God. Therefore, it is considered unethical to send the guests without giving them something in return.

Best Return Gifts For Your Guests

Old fashioned gifts like utensils, sarees, or cloth pieces or fancy jewelry boxes are completely outdated. You need something fresh and new to express your gratitude towards your guests. So here is a list of few such innovative gifts which will solemnly express your love and gratitude towards the people who attend your wedding.

Simple yet elegant: Dryfruits

Dry fruits are something that shows love and affection. A whole package of good quality dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and anjir shows that you do care about the guests who have attended your wedding. Pack this dry fruit in a beautiful decorative box or a basket and present it to your guests with a handwritten note.


The box of aroma: Scented Candles

A good fragrance is loved by everyone and a box of scented candles makes a perfect return gift. There are many online websites where these scented candles are easily available. You can also make these candles at home. In today’s time where a personal touch is very important, you can also customize these candles. 


The box of care: Essential Oils

The main purpose of return gifts is to express a heartfelt thank you and to show that you value your guests’ time. And what is better than showing that you care for them. A customized box of essential oils is a perfect way to showcase your care. Essential oils not only just are used for spreading aroma but they have various uses. For example, applying lavender oil on a pillow helps in getting a good night’s sleep. And peppermint oil helps to cure headaches as well as bloated tummy. If you want to give something useful to your guests, a box of essential oils is the right gift.


Direct from the recent trends: Organic Food

In this time when everything is mixed and mingled with chemicals and preservatives, organic food is an ideal gift. There is so much organic stuff available in the market like honey, ghee, juices, sauces, etc. A combination of these items or a single item with good packaging will make your guests happy.


Environmental Friendly: Little Saplings

Everybody is aware of the current situation of our planet because of global warming. Even a small step is considered a contribution to a sustainable environment. Therefore, keeping in mind the concept of sustainable development, you can provide little saplings to your guests as a return gift. The saplings which are best suitable for gifts are succulents. They are indoor plants and require very less water and sunlight. Because of that quality they can survive for a long time in any weather condition.


For everyday use: Skin/Hair Essentials

If the return gifts that you give your guests is used daily, then your purpose of giving a gift is fulfilled. So giving them skincare or haircare essentials is considered a perfect option. Many brands have a hamper of these oils, soaps, face wash, cream, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Brands like Khadi Naturals and Mama Earth are affordable as well as made with natural ingredients. So this will make an ultimate return gift for your guests.


Savor the sweetness: Chocolates, Cookies, and Cupcakes

Sweets are considered as the flawless gift to make someone happy. But giving a box of Kajukatli or Sonpapdi is too outdated. So here is a simple solution to that problem. You can give your guests a box of customized chocolates or cookies. 


You can also experiment with cupcakes and muffins. These 3Cs’ are something that can make any age group happy after opening the gift wrap.