In the light of the current scenario, normalcy along with our well thought out plans have been tossed out the window. Our hearts go out to all the couples whose weddings have been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. You friends and family may be aware of the situation but considering that our India wedding can easily have a 1000 guests, you may be considering sending out an official announcement. If you have a new date in mind, then it can be sent out as a “Change The Date” card or as a “Postponement Announcement” card. The best way to share these given the current circumstances is via mail and social media. If you are still dreading sending out these announcements then here are few creative ideas which may motivate you to do it.  

Go Minimalistic:

If amidst all the confusion, you do not want to spend a lot of time on this, then go for a clean and neat template. Go for muted tones in shades of ivory, grey or burgundy. Keep the text simple and to the point. If you want to add a dash of colour, then you can go for a metallic border with decorative floral design on the edges. 

Floral Wedding Postponement Announcement | Forever Your Prints


You can also use this as an opportunity to let your loved ones that you are there for them. 

Triple Interior Border (Tall) - Gold - Paperless Post - Wedding postponement


Do It Yourself:

We have scoured the internet for some great options where you can design the poster yourself and either print it or send it out digitally. Canva seems to be the best option out there as it provides a large number of templates free of cost. 

Fun & Edgy:

You can go for a modern twist on the traditional change of plans template. This is best suited for circulation amongst your friends and colleagues. 

You can have a fun message which gets out the word that the event has been merely delayed and also that when it happens all of you are going to have a gala time. 

Make It In A Meme Style:

Well, we could all do with a good laugh in these times. Memes are a great way to package a piece of negative news humorously. Or you can go with something as fun and lighthearted. A whoops! or an Oops! Or even a “well this sucks” delivers the message quite succinctly. 

"Oops!" Humorous Postponed Wedding Announcement - #weddinginvitation cards custom invitation card design marriage party


Postponed Wedding Humorous "Whoops!" Cream Card


Via Photos/ Videos:

If you are one of those couples who love the camera, then you can utilise this opportunity for a photoshoot or go all out and even do a video. This is also a great way to kill time during this lockdown period. Let the photos and videos express in a lighthearted manner your disappointment at not being able to celebrate your special moment with your loved ones. But please do this in the safety of your homes.

Change the Date Card or Postcards by The Papered Wedding via Etsy


Once the poster or template has been created, the next step is to send it out and ensure that it reaches everyone. You can choose two templates, one fun and one more sedate or just go with one idea for everyone. It is up to you. First, they need to be mailed to as many as you can, especially the older relatives. But your inner two circles may expect a more intimate way of communication, and for them, you can send it through WhatsApp or Instagram. Next, posting an Instagram story or a post on Facebook helps ensure that your message has spread far and wide. But do remember that while posts and statuses are well and good, nothing feels as personal as a phone call. So ensure that you call up your innermost circle who were as excited as you for your wedding. 

Having said all of that we would like to remind that this will soon come to an end. And when the time comes, we will be ready with blogs on any and every topic that you will need.