Your wedding attire is one of the many things which is talked about at your wedding. Even if your wedding lengha is designed by a famous designer or bought from a local retailer, its charm only stays for the day of the wedding. What happens after your wedding day is over?

You go for your honeymoon and your wedding dress is packed in a suitcase or a bag and is kept on the top shelf of the almirah.

Best ways to reuse your wedding attire

The dress about which you were so excited is now just overlooked only because of the charm that finished. But what if there are ways to retain the charm of your wedding attire? Isn’t it something that will give you a reason to reuse your wedding dress? The importance of a wedding dress only a bride will understand. Every bride wants to preserve her wedding dress as a fond memory. But wearing it for just once is an injustice to your beautiful wedding attire. So here are some ways that will help you to reuse your wedding attire:  


Wear it to different functions

As you know India is a country of festivals. Every month there is a festival or wedding of relatives and friends. Use this opportunity to show off your wedding dress. You don’t have to wear it exactly as you wore at your wedding. The best way to change the entire look of your lengha is to drape your dupatta in different styles. Dupatta is an integral part of your lengha and so the way you drape it makes a huge difference.


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Convert into something brand new

Anyone will get bored wearing the same outfit again and again. After you have worn your wedding attire at different parties and functions it’s time to change the avatar. Alter your wedding attire and change it to a crop top and pant or something else which is comfortable to wear.


Mismatched pairing

If your heart doesn’t allow you to entirely alter your wedding dress then we have the best option for you. You can use the blouse, the ghagra, and the dupatta with different other pieces. For example, you can pair the blouse with a different ghagra or skirt. Also, you can wear the dupatta with a classic white suit. The ghagra can be paired with a middle slit kurta or crop top. Therefore it is not at all necessary to alter your wedding lengha to retain its charm. There are many different ways that you can dissect your wedding attire and pair it with different pieces. 


Make a suit

One of the best uses of your wedding attire is to convert it into a suit or Anarkali. It is one of the easiest options to alter. The blouse and the lengha when stitched together with an extra piece of cloth, the attire will convert into a beautiful Anarkali. Also, you can convert the lengha into a kurta or a short Kurti. Therefore a beautiful and comfortable suite is ready straight out of your wedding attire.


Home Decor

It is not a compulsion to alter your wedding attire in something you can wear. You can all use your attire to make stuff for home decoration. The wedding attire is a work of art. All the embroidery and the design on the lengha will look beautiful at your home. You can make pillow covers for the pillows of your sofa. 


The wedding attire can be used to make coffee table cloth or wall hangings. The dupatta can be used to decorate the head of the bed. Also, you can make ‘toral’ for the front door. This will help you to bring a new vibe to your house.