For years, women have been subjected to unequal treatment in societies across the world. Most countries are still struggling with providing equal rights to women but there is still a long way to go before this can be achieved. Indian society also has struggled with its own sense of dichotomy where on one end the girl child is considered holy and an avatar of prosperity, the same girl child is not allowed to live. Modern Indian woman are challenging this and paving a way for a new social order where every child will have equal rights.

Indian society is full of hyprocrisy where item songs with actresses performing in minimal clothes which are accepted in the name of entertainment but you want a well-educated job doing girl, a girl who is modern, one who follows your lifestyles. Infant mortality rate among the girl child was one of the highest in our country which has recently been seeing a reversal. However, still we are a long way from equality of the sexes because of the deep rooted idea among the society where the man is the superior being.

There are innumerable women like Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, P.T. Usha, Mary Kom and even homemakers who have broken these golden rules. They have come out of those shackles that had killed thousands of dreams and futures. So why not us?

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I believe that there is a rebel in all of us which is repressed, take it out and fight. Fight for freedom, fight for equality and never ever give in to these so called golden rules that are supposed to make an ideal society.

So, to all the wonderful women out there,