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bird themed cake

Weddings are social festivals in India. And the two families put out all the stops to etch the event in the hearts of the wedded couple and endear reminisce to their bosoms by augmenting it with non-oblivious resplendence and unmatched


So here’s some tips to celebrate their love in an epitome bird theme wedding:

Bird Theme Wedding Tips & Ideas

The Wedding Invites:

bird theme wedding

bird theme wedding

Well, the theme should start mounting right from the wedding invites. This would also aid the guests to prepare for your bird wedding theme in advance.

Wedding Dresses:

Yes, I mean it perfectly! The theme should hover around perfectly drenching the guests in the subtle detailing of the idea. Here are some inspirations:

bird theme wedding

bird theme wedding

Wedding Accessories

Well! Why just halt at the dress. Go on! Enjoy the theme melting into your accessories as well. Here are some amazing ideas for both the bride and the groom.

bird theme wedding

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And For the Men..bird theme wedding

The Wedding Cake

bird theme wedding

 The extravaganza of the theme wedding should spread right across the couple’s wedding cake. You can choose the flavor of your choice and invest a little more on the icing. And believe me, it looks really really nifty and will catch all eyes. 

Reception Decors:

No place should escape the theme of the wedding…be it cupcakes, mocktail glasses, reception menu (if any), cookies.

bird theme wedding

bird theme wedding

Memory Box:

bird theme wedding

The best gift for the wedding couple would be a box house of memory. If the near and dear ones write in their message for the couple, they would treasure nothing more than this gift. And to paint it in your wedding theme, there are available bird cage card holders. And it will also be a beautiful element of décor for the room of the newly wed birds.


bird theme wedding

Attention bride and groom! Your gifts to your saalis and other dear ones should also be in sync with the theme. So wrap them up in themed boxes. These can be handmade boxes or you could order with your customization.

bird theme wedding

The Chairs:

bird theme wedding

As I said, immerse your guest completely in your theme, so don’t even let go the sitting arrangements untouched.

And the Buffet Too!

bird theme wedding

The Cushions:

bird theme wedding

So yes, you can get them too! And nest in place of ring pillows will leave all wonderstruck!!

Reception Décor:

There are countless ways in which the theme wedding can surmount grace to the décor. Propositions are infinite. Like these:                             

bird theme wedding

Selfie Corner:       

bird theme wedding

 With the exponentially growing mobile photography and never ceasing selfie craze, selfie corners have become part and parcel of all wedding functions. And it is a very cool idea to sink the selfie lounge in the theme as it will preserve the theme and its extravaganza long after the day is over.

So, guys and girls, I hope I have already given you high hopes for your bird theme wedding and assume you like this new and out-of-the-box theme idea. If there is anything more you are planning to add to the theme in your wedding, let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more ideas! 

P.S:…Seems like lots of love is awaiting me …heart

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