The wedding season has arrived and like every other bride, you are on a lookout for the amazing color and fashion trends of the season to rock the event. It becomes very difficult to look out for the perfect color that would capture your moments in perfection describing your emotions. While each Bride plans on inducing red in their wedding lehenga, this season experienced experiments. Experiments in their Bridal lehenga colors to look unique and offbeat. Well, one of the color is blue with a tinge of subtle colors giving way to Blue lehenga trend.

There are many reasons that this color came out to become one of the hottest color of the season. It looks royal, bold and unique. In addition, it brings out your personality to the best. 

Why is Blue Lehenga Trend the next Big thing in Indian Weddings?


Every color comes along with a number of shades and blue is one such color that looks fresh, bold and yet majestic. From Aqua blue to bubble blue, from neon shade to pastel shade blue lehenga trend opens up more choices to look out for. Each shade come out to show your chirpy, bubbly and bold side. It brings an ethereal aura and a calming effect leaving everyone spellbound. You can even dress your man in the Blue color trend as its one of the hit colors among them.

It is not just about some common shades you can go for some soft colors or some neon shades. Further, even if you do not want to go for a complete Blue dress, you can also opt for another color to match up with. Trust me, there are n number of colors that look amazing with this color.


In addition, you can pair it with n number of different shades. One can either go for complete blue lehenga or use it along different shades of different color. Metallic shade threading or embroidery or blouse/ cape of red shades of maroon, wine or hot pink that are stereotypical traditional color. Not just them but any other shades of yellow, orange etc. can be used along. you can always go for a blue color dress and use another dupatta of another color that suits the shade. and BAM! you come out to be the most fashionable of all.

Why is Blue Lehenga Trend the next Big thing in Indian Weddings?

Why is Blue Lehenga Trend the next Big thing in Indian Weddings?


Well, my reasons to support the Blue color trend includes a certain color history. Blue according to our ancestors is actually the color of royalty. At your wedding, you are no less than royalty then why not show it. Be it on velvet or sheer cloth this color looks lavish. It comes out classy, rich and radiant. This color oozes confidence.

Why is Blue Lehenga Trend the next Big thing in Indian Weddings?


While everyone focuses on making red, yellow or orange to be a part of their wedding wardrobe. This color makes you bold and unique all the while setting you apart from the crowd. You make an astonishing style statement and ta-da you look graceful, glamorous enhancing that wedding glow.

Why is Blue Lehenga Trend the next Big thing in Indian Weddings?

The blue color trend did not just come out of is our most loved fashion designer who brought along this trend. You may find various shades of the color among runways of Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahilani, Sabyasachi and many more of our favorite fashion designers.

Needless to say, this color is one of the best options to bring out your quirky side to your dream wedding. it is quintessential in an Indian wedding that the color red must be there but no worries Blue color goes amazing with the color of marriage. Not to forget, it creates a wonderful aura.

While my main focus has been the brides, I must say that anyone can add this shade and up their fashion game. It’s time to leave the old age reds, yellows and oranges in the back seats and don this new color on your D-day.