Celebrity wedding themes

The best part about a celebrity wedding is that we get to see all the unique ideas, from the dress of the bride to the decors to the cake. Wedding planners are the true gems behind the exquisite celebrity wedding themes and we thought it would be fun to list some of the great ideas about these weddings for you to take even a tad bit of inspiration from!

Bollywood and Hollywood Celebrity Wedding Themes

1) Shahid and Mira

Shahid Kapoor’s Mumbai wedding reception decor was rustic, rugged and natural organic white.

My favorite part about this particular celebrity wedding theme was how it was so different from the rest of the Bollywood wedding themes. It was in every sense, an elegant and a classy wedding. From the minimal makeup of the bride to skipping the traditional reds and going for pastel shades to the perfect wedding itinerary, and everything in between. Long live elegance!Celebrity wedding themes

2) Aaron Paul’s Wedding, ‘Bitch’

When the ever -so- gorgeous Aaron Paul, from the ever- so- famous show “Breaking bad” got married, it was filled to the brim with romance. It was a Gatsby-Themed Hollywood wedding. Guests turned up in a 20s inspired look, including fringed frocks and opera socks. Aww!

To make things even more adorable, Aaron surprised his new wife, Lauren Parsekian, by getting all the guests to learn the lyrics to her favorite song and then getting the man who sung that song, to sing at the reception. Could you be any more adorable, Pinkman?  

*brb crying*

Celebrity wedding themes

3) Bipasha and Karan

From the wedding décor to cake to the princess’ cut pink lehenga for the Mehendi, Bipasha has shown us her clear obsession with the color Pink.

Nothing was usual about the wedding of these ‘monkey lovers’ and here are a few examples: Instead of the little bride and groom on top of the wedding cake, this one featured two cute little monkeys spreading the monkey love and instead of going for the plain old wedding card, Bipasha and Karan went for something more fun and cute.

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Oh and, Karan ditched the ghodi (female horse) and made his swag-filled entrance on a Segway! No kidding, really.

All in all, we loved the pink, monkey-obsessed wedding! The fact that there was nothing usual about it forced us into non-stop gushing about it. Maybe it’s time for you too to ditch the old traditional ways and take inspiration from the cutest celebrity wedding! 

Celebrity wedding themes

4) Guy Richie and Jacqui Ainsley

Guy Richie’s wedding is giving us serious wedding goals! No, it’s not the typical fairytale wedding. If you’re someone who loves outdoor weddings and good vibes, you might just wanna take some serious inspiration from this among our celebrity wedding themes.

The place was set into an extravaganza of tents and cabins, which fit perfectly for their festival-themed ceremony. The Hollywood wedding was held on the grounds of the couple’s Wiltshire home with guests swimming in the lake and camping in luxury tents. After the ceremony, the Guy even treated his guests to a screening of his new film “The man From UNCLE” during the celebrations.

Now, this is what I call a celebration, in the most genuine sense. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite celebrity wedding!

Celebrity wedding themes Celebrity wedding themes Celebrity wedding themes

Celebrity wedding themes

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5) Nishka Lulla and Dhruv Mehra

How could we leave this uber stylish and chic wedding from the list? To all of those who fantasy a fairytale wedding, you’re almost certain to have a huge amount of inspiration coming your way through this typical celebrity wedding theme. Everything about this wedding is straight outta every bride’s dream starting from the most dramatic bride entry ever- in a “shikara” riding on the water holding a massive s0ft fuschia pink veil that trailed behind her to having post-wedding celebrations in Thailand. Dreamy right?

And of course, being the daughter of India’s new-age designer, Neeta Lulla, her outfits just had to steal our hearts. Could a bride ask for more? I guess not.

Celebrity wedding themes

6) Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Another fairy-themed Hollywood wedding for those who are planning to have a Christian wedding. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s wedding was a pure magic. The guests were given crystals as wedding favors, an outdoor ceremony was held which was decorated with thousands of roses, hydrangeas, and orchids, there was a fairy cake, and the best part you ask? Flower girls walked down the aisle wearing wings.

Jenna Dewan’s a lucky girl to get a dream husband and a dreamy wedding!

Celebrity wedding themes

Be it a simple, a fairytale, or a festive-themed wedding, we adore them all! Leave a comment and let us know about some of the favorite celebrity wedding themes.



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