The airport scene in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na where Jay rides a horse on the streets of Mumbai to stop Aditi from leaving and asked her to marry him followed by the chase inside the airport that gave us the chills. We all wanted someone to call us from behind and have that dramatic proposal! Asking your partner to marry you (Proposal for marriage) is one of the biggest steps of life. Get inspired from these bollywood movie marriage proposals that will melt your heart. 


Kal Ho Na Ho

Red roses, perfect lights and romantic music in the background with your man sitting on one knee and giving you the diamond ring. Fan of OTT expression of love? Try this perfect and dreamy proposal like Rohit for your Naina in KJos style and she won’t say “No” for this.


Shy and awkward for proposing your old friend with whom you used to hang out but never thought of dating her but now you ultimately fall in love with her? Get your other friend like Veronica in Cocktail to make the proposal easy and fun.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Probably the most easiest and real proposals from all the movie has to be this one. When you just feel the moment is right, go to her home with a bottle of wine and flowers and “not a fake ring” like bunny and just ask her out, “Naina, shaadi karegi mujhse?” at the comfort of your house. 


Go for a full filmy and dramatic proposal just like Emraan Hashmi from the film Jannat where you just stop amidst the road and ask her to come out of the car, where you have stopped the traffic on the road and propose her in front of everyone. PS-Don’t forget to take permissions before doing this on the road. 

Asking your girlfriend to get married while you are at a party or nightclub will totally be unexpected and sweep her off. But this particular scene from Dil Chahta Hai shows how Akash proposes to Shalini in front of all her relatives when she was going to get married to someone else. But the words that Akash speaks “true feelings” is what you can get inspired from. That’s what all girls want to hear.

Hum Tum

This scene literally gets everyone teary because finally HUM and TUM are together. Get inspired from this scene and propose marriage in the rains making your girl emotional and making the scene oh! so romantic.

Wake Up Sid

Girls, who want to give the idea of you loving your man then get inspired by Aisha who publishes an article confessing her love for Sid. The most romantic way of confessing love by a woman and making her man realize that he loves her too just as Sid did in the end!

We feel these are the Bollywood movie marriage proposal scenes that will melt your heart completely. Make this day special by giving it your own twist as after all this will be your first day for the rest of the lives together as a couple.