Bride and beauty go in line with one another. It is your big day and definitely all the attention will be on you. So, with all the eyes on you, you need to look flawless, apart from the inner glow that you are anyways get due to the happiness in your heart. To make sure that your wedding look is picture perfect and get you a fabulous look, we have compiled some bridal beauty prep tips for all you beautiful brides.


Eyelash Extensions

This might sound like a small or stupid thing, but trust me these have been literally changed the entire bridal look. These take your entire look to the next level, especially on camera. So, don’t worry about your photos and videos on your wedding day if you have this savior tool. There are a lot of options available for eyelash extensions, you could get them done a week before or you could just add fake lashes on the day of wedding. Personally, I would suggest getting extensions a week before the wedding so that it looks great for all of your functions. 


Sunscreen Lotion

This is another important beauty tip that you should anyway follow even if you aren’t getting married. But make sure you do this religiously everyday to avoid those tan lines or scars on your skin to be shown when you wear your outfits. Like, seriously there is nothing worse than having tan lines in your wedding dress. Also, it is better to have an even tone skin few weeks before the wedding because that is the time when you would go for outfit trials, makeup trials. That time you would fix things according to the skin tone which is there, but after you start applying sunscreen regularly, you might see tan lines reducing and this might again have issues with the makeup that was fixed according to your skin tone earlier. So pick this habit regularly anyways.


Hair Extensions

This step is also highly recommended for all you brides even if you have long hair. Hair extensions not only would give length to the hair but also a great volume. This step just adds that extra wow factor to your hair. Hair extensions would help in creating some updos which might not be possible with your normal hair. You could also get permanent hair extensions which would then continue for almost 5-6 months depending on the quality or you could just have them for your wedding day look. Getting permanent extensions would be beneficial for your bachelorette, pre-wedding functions, wedding day as well as to end with your honeymoon. 


Makeup Setting Spray

Brides, don’t forget that your makeup to last longer, makeup fixing sprays are to your rescue. Make sure, that your makeup artist uses this after doing your makeup to set it within the skin and look natural. A setting spray is great because it will immediately seal and lock makeup in place, ensuring your look will last through all the tears and sweat of your special day. A must-have for every bride, because no matter how prepared you are, the day can get hectic and the last thing you need to worry about is if your makeup is staying put. A setting spray can take care of that completely.



Contouring is a makeup technique that uses cosmetics to define, enhance and sculpt the structure of the face. This technique is many times missed by the brides especially those who feel that they have a thin face and no doub chin to hide. However, contouring is not just for hiding chhubbines and sculpt your face but it gives a dimension to the face. Also, due to foundation your face gets flat because there is even skin tone. Contouring, hence, would enhance the face making it look natural. But off course don’t go overboard with this technique because it make or break the entire bridal look. Get makeup trials for this before finalising how and where you would want contouring on your face. 


So, my blushing brides just go ahead and incorporate these tips if you haven’t and we guarantee you a perfect look on your wedding day that will make your fiance not take away eyes from you.