Why to emphasize on bridal footwear?

Give a girl the right kind of footwear and she can conquer the world. Weddings in India are surely big affairs in India and bridal outfits are even bigger one. From dresses to make up to shoes, everything has to be on point. Footwear is one of the most important things. They reflect our personality and have to be chosen with great care. Whatever we select  should look good as well as be comfortable.
So here are a few Indian bridal footwear ideas that every bride has an option of choosing, for her preference. Have a look and decide yourself.


1) Jootis

Jootis are the traditional footwear which are not only loved by the grooms but also by the brides. Since past 400 years jootis have been a part of our tradition  From a simple single color print to a multi-colored beautiful design, an entire range of collection is available for the bride to choose from. If you want  an absolutely ethnic and beautiful footwear Jooti is your thing.



2) Ballerinas

Unlike the jootis, these are not always made up of velvet or leather, but they can be created with synthetic fabrics with stones and embroidery combined. They can also have an ankle strap. If you are tired of wearing heels all the time, these are the perfect go to for any occasion. Ballerinas are contemporary, unique and comfortable. They will help you relax and look elegant at the same time.

3) Wedges

Wedges are always the perfect option if you are not comfortable wearing those pencil heels. They are too comfortable and perfect specimen for balance. Wedges will easily match with all your outfits of the day. Make sure to pick the right wedges otherwise it can be pain in your “knees”. Wedges are the best footwear for you if you are the person who can’t carry heels, but want the same look as heels.



4) Stilettos 

Stilettos are the perfect suit for those brides who carry themselves glamorously in high heels. If you want to look taller Stilettos are the go-to bridal footwear for you . Moreover this will help you attain the right posture for your photographs. There are innumerable stilettos in the market that can give you the perfect look for your wedding day.


5) T-Strap Heel

These T-Strap heels will complement your Indian outfit in the most classy way. They are available in small, medium, or high heel according to your requirement. It gives you an elegant look and will make sure you stand out of the crowd on you D-day.  T-strap heels  really  make an elegant bridal footwear and will help you look completely fabulous on your wedding day.

Bridal footwears

6) Satin Mid Heel

The Satin Mid Heels are the perfect suit if you want to give a plain finish to your heavy lehenga on your big day. Select your favourite colour and wear your style with elegant look. Make sure the colour of the mid heel looks elegant. It should not look too cliche or over decorated for a bridal footwear. These satin mid heels will give you a classy look and will make sure it leaves all the eyes wide open.


Bridal footwear should look beautifully elegant as well as be comfortable. Footwears should be chosen carefully. It should contain elegance and class.