Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

India is a land of brimming culture and uniqueness, and Indian weddings are like a journey for a lifetime. They are so beautiful and grand. So are the bridal hairstyles and hairstyle jewelry of our women in the wedding.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

5 Stunning Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

Let’s have a look at some of the popular and trending bridal hairstyle jewelry opted by brides for their wedding day:

Oxidized Maang Tikka Style

This hair style symbolises elegance redefined and at the same time, pretty unique. Pick a design that suits your face. It should be used keeping in mind the colour and the style that you will be wearing. This is one of the finest Indian bridal hair styles that is adorned by over 20,000 women in the country. We can even spot our Bollywood diva’s spotting this. Priyanka Chopra has almost always spotted this look when it comes down to bridal wear. We love how gracefully she carries herself and how beautiful the oxidised maang tikka looks on her.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

Jada Billalu Style

This is a must-have hair accessory for any South-Indian bride. If you want to flaunt your long hair, it is a very simple yet elegant way. This especially looks good with women having long hair. The longer the hair the better will be the impact of this look. This can especially be seen in South Indian weddings. Women look absolutely stunning. It not only adds grace but also highlights the best part of their body that is their face. This hairstyle looks good on any face cut. With a winged eyeliner, the look is complete. A good lip colour also adds to the overall look and attire. We recommend you to put on either mascara or false eyelashes for that extra added incentive.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

Traditional Temple Jewellery Headset Style

We can never get enough of these beautiful, timeless temple jewellery headsets. They look good and at the same time draws all the focus to your face. It draws all the attention to your overall makeup and even makes you stand out from the crowd. We recommend you to put on a tiny bindi like the one that is adorned by the model in the picture above among our Indian bridal hairstyles to complete the look. Cateye or winged liner look also is a must-have. Experiment with colours and opt for pearls with them. Any stone will pop out with the shimmering white pearls.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

Pearl Maang Tika Style

Because, well, you can never go wrong with pearls. pearls are like diamonds. They are elegant and beautiful. They, when used in the maang tika, brings out the best in a bride. We completely love how the model is carrying out the look. Experiment with different colours when using with pearls. It enhances the beauty of the pearls jewellery. Pearls look even better with the Indian complexion. It brings out the highlights in a bride. We recommend you to put on a good pair of earrings and several necklaces to complete the look.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

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Rajasthani Borla Style

Go for this royal one among our Indian bridal hair styles if you want to steal that Jodha Akbar looks for that most special day of your life! In the ancient times, the Borla was adorned by the Rajput queens and princesses. They sheerly standout from the crowd. They add the much-wanted touch of royalty to your overall look. We recommend you to go for heavy accessories and decorated lehengas or saris to complete the look. Also, don’t forget to put on the red lip colour for better effects. Red will not only enhance the look but would pop out the blend of colours overall.

Bridal Hairstyle Jewelry

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