South Indian bridal hairstyle

Every wedding in India is colored in culture and every part of it holds significance. Especially when it comes to the South of India, which is known for being culturally rich. And the center of attention aka The Bride looks like a Goddess on that auspicious day. The most intriguing thing about dressing a South Indian bride is that there are no boundaries at all and extravagance is expected. To up your hair game, we have the best bridal hairstyles for South Indian weddings.

Best Bridal Hairstyles For South Indian Weddings

Here are some of the best bridal hairstyles for South Indian Weddings:

The Traditional One

Bun with flowers

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Bun with roses

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This is what comes to mind when one thinks of a South Indian bride. It is elegant and fits in perfectly with any traditional bridal outfit in the five states. And because you love this hairstyle so much you put a ring on it! Yes, a ring of flowers. Though this hairstyle is a classic you can add as many variations as you’d like. For example, adding hair accessories in the centre of the bun or ditching the jasmine flowers and going for more colorful ones. Either way, this is a style you just can’t go wrong with.

The Half Up- Half Down

Sonam Kapoor flower hairstyle via Pinterest

Braided half updo with Flowers

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If going all out is no you and like to let your hair loose then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It’s minimalistic yet as beautiful as it can get and the best part is you don’t have to compromise on the flowers at all. They fit in beautifully at the partition line and look like a dream. For the best effect curl the section that is left loose. Sonam Kapoor looks like an angel in this look.

The Big Fat South Indian Braid

Source: Krishnendu via Pinterest
Long south indian braid

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Who doesn’t love a think long braid that falls all the way till one’s hips? It’s most Indian women’s dream. Long luscious thick hair. Now don’t worry if this isn’t the description of your hair, hair extensions to the rescue! But in general South Indian women are known to take care of their hair and make the best use of coconut oil to get gorgeous hair, so if you indeed do have long thick hair this is the perfect hairstyle for you to show it off. You can also experiment with various different kind of braids like the fishtail braid or a pull-through braid.

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The Contemporary Ponytail

Contemporary ponytail

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Ponytail with flowers

Source: Magica by Rishabh Agarwal via Pinterest

This look will make you look like you walked straight out of a Vogue magazine. It is the most modern and sophisticated look on our list of the best hairstyles for South Indian brides. Ponytails are a rare sight on a South Indian bride who mostly chooses to wear Judas or braids. A ponytail with flowers is a look inspired by Thai brides who decorate their hair with flowers as well. You can choose to decorate your ponytail with flowers for a softer look or try heavy gold accessories. Don’t forget to add hair extensions for a fuller look.

Full of Flowers 

Bun covered with flowers

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Braid full of flowers

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Flowers are an essential part of a South Indian bride’s outfit and to take the game of flowers to the next level you can completely cover your hair up with flowers in such a way that a single strand of hair won’t be visible except for your scalp. I personally love this hairstyle because of how different and unique it is to South India. You can choose whatever kind of flower you like and make the hairstyle as thick or thin as you want. One downside of this hairdo is a million pins it’ll require to secure everything in place till the end of the ceremony. But then again, it’s your wedding day and this look is every bit worth the hassle.¬†

The Decorated Bun

Juda with jumkas

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Bun with jewels

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The article has been full of flowers like the hairstyle I just spoke about. If flowers aren’t your thing or worse, you’re allergic to them then pay close attention, because this one is for you. You can decorate your bun with Jhumkas or other tasseled hair accessories and it will look gorgeous. The key here is to not overdo it and plan it out. What I mean is just wrapping around chains an accessories won’t give an elegant effect instead will just look chaotic. So make sure you align the accessories properly and also secure them well with enough pins. You can easily throw some flowers in and the combined look will make you look like a Goddess.

Braid With Sectional Decor

Beautiful braid with accessories

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Braid with roses

Source : suma_makeupartist via Instagram

A very trending hairstyle among the South Indian brides currently is the Braid with Sectional decor. This hairstyle like all other hairstyles includes a lot of flowers and accessories but is evenly spread out across the hair and not just on the top portion. This hairstyle is the perfect balance of the traditional heavy and modern light. You can add flowers for fairy look or add jewels and studded accessories for a queen look depending on your style.

That was our list of the best bridal hairstyles for South Indian weddings for brides to rock and look stunning on their special day. And as I always say, remember to have fun with the hairstyle and choose what not only flatters you the best but also compliments your style and personality best. If you can’t quite put your finger on the one you like best from this list, try combining two or more hairstyles and you’ll have your own masterpiece! Or even better check out or other bridal hairstyles if you’re looking for a more contemporary look.